Oh I see what you did there, manja!

To all my Malay friends or whoever who or whose parents bought last month's issue of Manja magazine, I would like to bring your attention to the page on Anugerah Planet Muzika. Specifically page 59!

"What is so special about this page? It's simply coverage on the event." You may say.

Let's zoom in a little bit.

You will question now - "Okay, but those are simply tweets that have been posted during the event to show what others thought about it. So?"

"What the fuck?"

If you do not know what this particular tweet actually means, don't bother going to Google translate and trouble yourself! I have the translation of the tweet right here!

Exact link if you don't believe me

The operative phrase here being "army did her good". That's right!


Ahhhh!! I'm famous but not really! Omg they should have credited our usernames! What thieves! (I keed, I keed)

There are only 2 simple reasons why the tweet is definitely mine!

1) The common phrase "army did her good!"

I don't care if that doesn't mean anything because what are the odds? WHAT ARE THE ODDS YOU TELL ME?!?!?! How many people in Malaysia or Singapore will say that going to the army did her good? Most of them don't even care!

2) Because ONLY I HAVE THE BALLS TO BE RUDE TOWARDS A DATO (highly regarded title which can be conferred by a hereditary royal ruler, according to Wikipedia)

After the quotation marks they even jokingly said I was rude! Of course I was being rude! I was implying that she was fat leh! Who else would have the balls to call Siti Nurhaliza, the supposed ~voice of asia~, FAT? Me la! Everybody else is polite and have proper manners. Seriously, I'm an asshole.

So yes, thank you manja for making me feel like I am significant in this world! Hahahahaha!!! Eh but they shouldn't have called me rude, because they themselves are rude for not including the usernames of those who tweeted those!

That is pretty much all that I wanted to post about today. Don't you just like how my happiness is derived by stupid things like these?

p/s. #OnlyFatPeople is trending on Twitter and looking at the top tweets, as a fat person myself, I would like to defend this statement:

#OnlyFatPeople drink diet sodas with a full course McDonalds meal, thinking it's gonna make a difference.
The reason why I always choose diet coke even if I order shitloads of food is because I actually like the taste! I personally feel it's less sweeter than the original coke and I like it la! Let me drink what I want!

Nabei, like the taste also want to judge. It's like how I'm seemingly the only one who really likes the new non-carbonated root beer minty drink sold in the school canteen.

But I am proud to say that ever since I stopped drinking Coke altogether, diet or not, I've actually lost weight! Still fat nonetheless. As Edrie would say, I lose weight, but body fat percentage still the same!

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