Prelim Results (Best results evar!!!)





Best results ever!!! So happy!!!

This is the highest overall percentage I've ever gotten in my entire secondary school life, and first time I got a single digit for my L1R4! And of course...


I'm so proud of myself!!! Good job Travis! *pats own back* And I actually got a level position of 2?!?! Like holy shit what are the odds!!! I only lost to Marcus!!!

I was asking Mdm Ruby some questions on Friday and she was damn happy because the top 2 in the level are apparently her Geography reps LOL.

This thus makes me the first rude asshole and motherfucker who deserves to be shot in the face 24/7 to attain a high ranking for both the class and the level!

Just like the MYEs, Ms Teo also gave the Top 10 gifts! The 6th to 10th got flashcards and the top 5 received a special edition Starbucks card with $10 inside!

Does that look sexy or does that look sexy?

So the moral of the story is... HARDWORK PAYS OFF! Make the impossible possible! Insert more cliché lines here!

The one thing I did this time round that was different from the other exams was that I STARTED REVISION EARLY (seriously if you don't you'll fucking regret it) and I discovered that it's actually not that hard, considering that I am a procrastinator at the highest level.

But working hard does not mean mugging like crazy and burning the midnight oil.


I think this is something I need to voice out because I see a lot of people doing it! I strongly advise against it because NOT EVERYONE CAN PULL IT OFF.

I am a firm advocate of getting enough rest to be optimally alert and fresh during the paper. 8 hours of sleep or more! If you're studying and you feel tired, just STOP and go to sleep. This is the principle that I follow because I realised that studying while feeling sleepy is just a waste of everyone's time since you're essentially just staring at a book. Been there, done that!

It has also been scientifically proven that NO HUMAN CAN MULTITASK. Male or female, you can't, you cunt! You *think* you can multitask, but what you don't know is that while multitasking, the productivity in all areas generally go down. If you are studying, that's all you have to do. I studied with 100% focus and 0 distractions and hey gurl hey *points to first picture above*

I don't think this is the time for anybody to feel discouraged because at the end of the day, it's only the prelims. It's the big O that matters, and I'm not even talking about orgasms. It really is all about working hard! From a no-nonsense-but-full-of-shit person saying this, it means A LOT.

Remember how I got a B3 for my E-Math MYE? I did the entire TYS during the June holidays within 6 days. Now, I got 94% for my prelims. I don't even practice witchcraft! Nothing is impossible if you work towards it! (Although my EM results are fluctuating now BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT)

Besides, at least you all win me in NAPFA!

Ur hur hur ur hur hur just another day in the life of Travis Chan

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