Hellz yeah

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually technically, it's not done yet because my last paper is on the 14th.

But that's Science Paper 1 and let's face it -- IT'S NOTHING! So who cares?! I'm underestimating it because I know I'll be able to do well for it.

Talk about doing well... I feel like the ammonia gas in a heated ammonium salt -- LIBERATED! I can't believe I've cleared everything!

The exams were rather smooth-sailing for me. Here's a quick summary of how I think I did for each paper:

English Language

English Paper 1 - It was fucking SERENDIPITOUS I'm telling you. The one-word topic was "Freedom", and I did an essay prior to the paper on the very same topic, which Ms Lin even said was probably my best work ever! I would be stupid not to write it again right?!

English Paper 2 - It was manageable. I've been weak in Paper 2 all along but I think I'll be able to scrape through. I did one incredibly stupid mistake though! For the passage they asked to find another word synonymous to "spectacular" and the answer was "magnificent" BUT I don't know WHAT was wrong with my eyes because I COULD NOT FIND IT AT ALL and settled for "exciting". Oh wellz.

I was really, really pleased with how I did for the papers. I only lost around 3 marks for each paper, provided the answer sheet that has been floating around is accurate. Which means overall, I only lose 3 marks. Really crossing my fingers, toes and butt cheeks for this one. If the A1 cuts off at 98... OK NO IT WON'T I'LL GET MY A1 MUAHAHAHA

Computer Studies
I think about 85% of what I studied didn't even come out. But that's the thing about CS - it's not about the content, it's all about logical thinking skills! With that said, when I saw the paper, I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. It is ridiculously easy especially after the shock that was the 2011 June paper.

In fact this year was the first time they scrapped the terminology section. However, they put in something BETTER. Instead of giving you the term and asking you to define it, this time, for 3 marks' worth of questions, THEY GIVE YOU THE DEFINITION AND YOU NAME THE TERM. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? NEITHER CAN I.

And they even had the classic primary school box matching where you match the definition to the term! 5 marks! Just slap my ass and call me Sally!

I was really really pleased with how I did for A-Maths!! I think I only lost around 2 marks for Paper 1 and about 2-4 marks for Paper 2. Seriously, I preempted that this year tangent graph sketching would come out AND IT DID! BOW DOWN AND CALL ME GOD NOW.

Speaking of God, Ms Ho was like "Tangent graph very easy one what! Like drawing sexy woman like that!" LMAO

Combined Science

Science (Chemistry) - Chemistry was manageable. I am happy with how I did for the paper, especially given that Chemistry was one of the subjects I studied REALLY hard for.

Except for the FIRST question, the one where they asked you to name an apparatus for something, there was one which said "Transferring 250cm³ of water to a beaker". I initially wrote "Measuring Cylinder", but thought where got measuring cylinder so big one.

So I cancelled it and wrote "Measuring Cup" (What happens when you spend too much time in the kitchen) because I remembered during the Science practical we were given a measuring cup to scoop water into a beaker! Alas, when we asked Mdm Lock after the paper, it was Measuring Cylinder.

Science (Physics) - I have said this a thousand times before. I really do not like Physics at all! Which is why I didn't study as hard for Physics as I did for Chemistry! Fortunately enough, the paper was really manageable, so I am quite confident for an A2 for Science! An A1, not so much, but an A2 seems really possible now, which makes me really satisfied considering Science is my second weakest subject after Chinese.

Combined Humanities

Geography - Urgh! I felt like shit for this paper, seriously. Not that I screwed it up big time. The thing is that I don't think I'll be able to get 40+ marks! I know people are already struggling to get 30+ and here I am, complaining that I can't get 40, but I REALLY need to get an A1 for Humanities. I REALLY NEED IT. Unlike most of you who probably don't even intend to use this subject in your L1R4.

Social Studies - This gave me renewed hope for Combined Humanities, hehehehe. I tell you ah, the setter of this paper is a freaking TROLL. A TROLL! Here's why:

Globalisation already came out for 2009 and 2010. You would think it would almost be impossible for it to come out for the third year in a row. That's what I thought, and I'm sure so did a lot of people. WE THOUGHT WRONG! BAM! CAME OUT FOR THIRD YEAR IN A ROW! Talk about getting troll'd.


Many schools I believe predicted that Deterrence and Diplomacy would come out because it did not come out for 5 years. True enough, it came out. BUT - it combined with the other chapter of the theme; transnational terrorism, which is a fucking rare occurrence. TROLL'D AGAIN.

Fortunately, the final SEQ question was on Sri Lanka, which I am quite confident of doing well in because I did both essays before! And the SBQ was really manageable so I am quite pleased. In fact, after completing the SBQ and SEQ I still had 10 minutes to spare leh! So I went to write weighing for my SEQ. Write finish, still got 3-4 minutes, so I just read my answers one more time. I've never had so much free time for SS ever!

So yes, I can't say for sure how well I'll do for this examinations so time will tell in 3 months to come! I hope for the best! Speech day buffet!

I'm sure a lot of people will be throwing or selling away their books after the O Levels but honestly speaking I don't think I'll be throwing away everything.

Nabei, I slogged my ass off for months, obviously I'm not going to just throw it away like that. I'll probably keep some for memory's sake! I am really just finding an excuse because I am a hardcore hoarder.

I don't even know if I want to find a job because I am really lazy and since many students have already graduated, I really can't be bothered to compete with them for a job. I'll probably take these few months to rest because I DESERVE IT!

I have so many things I want to blog about too!!! Jalan Raya pics from a long time ago, graduation day, and so much more! I will probably be blogging quite a lot within the next few months because I am so ~inspired~ to write, so good for you, good for me! This shall be my part-time job except I'm not getting paid :( sad.

p/s. I know CDoM is supposed to be up today but I'm going to delay it till next Saturday because I can.

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