I am a hypocrite with 4 asses

Yesterday was the official end of my O Levels and I am fucking happy. But that is not the topic of today's post.

Last week I got something which my friends on Facebook and Twitter would know, and in a shocking turn of events, it's something that I never liked before.

That is none other than an...

iPhone 4SsSSsSssSSssSSSssSSssSSSSss!!!

I know right? Travis is such a hypocrite, ur hur hur.

But in my defense my issue with the iPhone initially was its overheating problems which became less of a concern as the years went by. Besides, I have to admit the design of the phone is bloody sexy. Truth be told, I never liked the original design with the tapered sides. So ugly!

Plus it's already been 2 years since my last phone and right now I don't like any of the new phones out in the market except for this, and I don't want to get a Samsung. (It's a visceral thing, can't be helped)

I got the Black one because the White one was getting too "mainstream" given it being the center of attention lately, and who doesn't like an African American? ;) If you know what I mean...

I did seriously consider getting the white one because I already had the prescience that I would be the type of people who would buy a lot of cases and change them regularly (currently drafting a post about cases but it may or may not surface) and the white one just seems more versatile with cases. In the end I decided to fuck that and get a black one because at least it doesn't look like a Nokia phone, and we all know Nokia is virtually non-existent now.

Speaking of cases, the cases are so fucking expensive! I wanted to get a simple, plain, white-coloured case (talk about contradicting myself) but when I went to take a look at epicenter the day I bought my phone it's $79! It's not even made of white gold! Not value for money at all. Even cases in the US aren't that expensive.

I'm also having the time of my life downloading loads of apps and I can't get enough of Temple Run. I fucking know right? I'm retarded. My favourite apps may or may not include Grindr ;) (I keed, I keed. Or am I?)

So as you may know by now one of the major upgrades of the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4 is the camera which is now an 8MP camera and may I just say that the pictures it takes are really, really, sexy.

Here are some camera samples I took which are absolutely unedited and all in their original form except I resized them.

"Nabei you resize so small any picture also look nice la" _|_

And of course since this post is about the iPhone 4S, it's not complete without talking about Siri!

Admittedly I didn't give a shit about Siri when it was announced. I never liked things that used voice recognition based on the simple fact that I am Singaporean so whatever I say naturally isn't going to be understood by the phone.

I did try it anyway and it's correct 80% of the time when I set in on the United States one. On the United Kingdom one, however, everything I say ends up being shit which is ironic because we learn British English here. I can say "Fuck you" on the US setting but it comes out as "For you" on the UK setting.

I wanted to film a video of me trying out the Siri function including curse words and all that and I did film it but after editing the video I realised that it's really draggy (total ~5mins).

Maybe because I was talking quite slowly and when I exported the video, the aspect ratio was 4:3 instead of 16:9 so I got pissed and decided not to upload it LOL.

But it's not like you're missing out on anything since there are ample videos on YouTube trolling Siri!

That's all I have to say about the iPhone 4S and I'm liking it so far!

Before I end off this post, some people really need to get over themselves for saying "I'm disappointed with the 4S so I'm waiting for an iPhone 5."

Bitch, please. What makes you think a change of a number means it will DEFINITELY be a completely different design?

Who knows, they could have announced what is the 4S now as the iPhone 5 and I doubt there will even be an iPhone 5 anymore. If it's gonna be any number, it's an iPhone 6 since the 5th generation iPhone is the 4S. The iPhone 4 just happened to coincide with it being the 4th generation iPhone. Common sense? I personally am waiting for the iPhone 69.

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