I am pure, innocent, virginal etc etc

The date tomorrow is 11/11/11 and everyone knows it is a SIGNIFICANT event and because of that, look how many fucks I give:

This once in a century day, just like any other day, will be a day where people are gonna party, couples having dry sex lives will finally shove sausages down donuts and of course, on the very next day, the news headlines will be "COUPLE GETS MARRIED ON 11/11/11"

And since we're touching on marriage I shall make the perfect transition to me seeing my orthodontist at long last again! After about 1.5 months and not putting on my elastics as I have been instructed to do.

With that said I was surprised I made any progress at all!

I'm putting on white bands this time because I wanted a clean-looking colour and everyone knows I am a clean person. Both physically. And mentally. ;)

So... This time I have good news AND bad news.

The good news is that I might be able to get my braces off by Christmas! Apparently all I need left is to simply center both rows of teeth because I am a tight arse.



If you look closely at the picture, it is the first tooth to the left of my left front tooth.

See that discoloured white patch there? Yea. THAT.

WA FUCKING SCARY!!! I didn't know it would be white first before turning brown!

Upon quick research, I shall turn on my geek mode. When the bacteria makes your mouth too acidic they will start to break down the calcium in the tooth, and the whitening is the beginning of the decaying process since it ~breaks the barrier~ of your tooth before it affects the core or something like that.

Fortunately I might be able to save it if I use fluoride mouthwash to speed up the mineralisation process before it reaches the point of no return, and this may or may not seem sexual.

So yes I am very excited to get my teeth over and done with! I'll also have a new post up on Saturday for CDoM and we'll see what to do with my tragic life from there.

p/s. And to Yahoo, fuck you. I don't need to add you on Facebook to read news. I DON'T. So shove it up your arse.

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