I don't care about prom

As we all know, prom, as we all Singaporeans think we know it, is an absolutely SIGNIFICANT event which makes it imperative to have for all who graduate from secondary school.

Which is why it comes as NO SURPRISE when conflicts have been happening because apparently, we, as in my batch of graduated students, will not have a prom anymore.


I have never cared for prom and I doubt I ever will but I just went on Facebook and saw that some smart ass decided to curse a certain teacher for cancelling prom, and feels that it is OUR RIGHT to DEMAND for an explanation!!!

Bitch, please.

First of all, we do not need to know the real reason why prom was cancelled, and just because a teacher doesn't tell you why, it doesn't give you the right to say shit about that person. Who died and made you the king of anything? Teachers don't owe you shit. Therefore, bitch please.

Secondly, why is it even organised by the student council? Didn't know people who maintain discipline in the school also know how to organise proms!

I never understood why extra tasks are always given to the SC even when it's irrelevant to their purpose. Frankly, I would reject the prom too knowing the SC organised this. "Travis you think you can do better?" Yes I can. Let's just face that things never go well when the SC is in charge. I have seen and heard enough. Therefore, bitch please x2

Lastly, proms are a bloody waste of time. I am personally damn glad it's cancelled so I won't feel obliged to attend the stupid event.

How many proms have remained memorable to students in Singapore?

Hardly any proms in Singapore will leave indelible memories within the attendees. It's always a half fucked, rushed job that almost always ends up being a failure or just winds up being just like any other normal event. What's the point?

Yea sure you'll be raving about it for the next few days or weeks, but 10 years down the road, will you be talking about the event again? Will you tell your kids about how great YOUR prom was? (And I don't mean telling them when they are having their own prom)

Meanwhile, a child is dying in Africa, so donate the funding for the event instead and do the world a favour. Give a Handy J, or take it one step further and go for a deepthroat once in a while.

Deal with the fact that we're not going to have a prom, so get your shit together and get over yourself. (AND DON'T SAY SHIT ABOUT MISS A BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME.) Therefore, say it with me, bitch please. Oh, and YOU ARE LE PATHETIQUE /MacamEscargot

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