Right now I'm in Eva's aunt's house in Baltimore for 2 weeks while I'm in the States!

Also, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I will not pretend to take this day very seriously since, you know, unlike a certain Philana, I'm not American. I'm just looking forward to the good food and the good wine. Whoopsie. (Gonna drink till I'm someone else's problem)

Anyway I have been contemplating this idea for quite a while now along with getting a Snuggie here but I will not guarantee whether or not I'll carry on with it, so I just thought it would be nice to let me know what you think.

As you all know I have the CDs of the Month thing going to keep this site active, but since it is my holidays now for the next few months, I obviously like to keep myself busy (insert eye roll here) so this is what I thought of.

Maybe, for one day a week, most likely Wednesday, I'll source out a few stupid news articles to talk about in a post. What do you think? It's like highlighting funny news from the past week because I am obviously very good at educating people so I am doing you a favour by keeping you in the know. (insert another eye roll here)

But I don't think I'll be doing it EVERY week but only if I have articles that I think will particularly interest you people for the week, so it's not going to be a regular thing, though I will still publish it strictly on Wednesdays. How? Good or not?

The working title of it as of now is PNTWYT (pronounced pint-wit) -- Pointless News To Waste Your Time! How stupid is that? I loike.

Though like I said I may not carry it out in the end because I am thinking of finding a job after I get back (Oh my god!!!) so I may probably end up having little time to do so.

Nonetheless I am pulling a PAP here by asking people for their feedback before doing anything! Just slap my ass and call me Lee!


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