Not religious but celebrates Christmas. Awkwaaaard

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

I spent my Christmas being a total glutton eating a shit load of food and then feeling very disgusted by my actions shortly afterward.

But other than being a very gross person eating like nobody's business, I also had a fun time last night with my friends at Eva's place! Though most of the time I'm pretty much entertaining myself but that's not the point.

We played Monopoly which I won because everybody was too fed up landing on my properties with many houses and we also had this gift exchange where we each bring a present wrapped up, and not knowing whose is whose other than yourself, the winner of the game gets to pick a gift first, followed by the second etc.

So since I'm the first I chose Philana's present! The moment I touched the present, I immediately knew it was Ferrero Rocher. Nonetheless it's still one of the most expensive presents over there lol.

I was vacillating between Philana's and Adeline's present (which I did not know belonged to them beforehand) because they were the biggest presents.

Lucky for me, Adeline's present taken by Christel turned out to be 2 long stacks of Angry Birds tissue paper from Watsons with an additional body wash HAHAHAHA

My gift which was a mug that said "I LOVE MY ATTITUDE PROBLEM" (I feel like getting one myself) was taken by Desmond and Jiele got the best gift of all, which was $10 slutty stockings from Eva. Eva did it because she was hoping I would get it (Sweet mother of god)

I also got an Elton John CD from Philana because she wants me to "Come out of the closet" even though she is more familiar with his discography than I am.

Amongst other things, I also got a T-Shirt from Eva, a cute pouch from Jiele (with a Lady Gaga pin badge as well), a card from Christel and the best gift of all from Desmond, which was a mini Christmas tree from DAISO.

What... an amazing life I have.

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