One month to go, furrealz

One month to go before my baby is born!!!

It is also one month to go before I am done and over with braces!

Tee nee nee. It's actually supposed to be white, but 1-2 days later I decided to eat curry the entire day thus resulting in this unfortunate colour.

He wanted to file my 2 front teeth as well because apparently they are "too long" but I personally think it looks just fine, so I told him not to.

I don't even want to say anything else because I am too excited about getting my braces out! I have to go back to see my orthodontist for 2 consecutive days, where 1 is to remove the braces and the next day to go collect my retainers.

Speaking of which he and many of his colleagues are also transferring to some new specialist centre being set up near Novena, so I'll have to go there next month, lol. Maybe I should get it done before my birthday.

In other news tomorrow I will be posting up my end of year collection update!! And a little announcement which is not very important so keep your pants on.

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