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On a more douchbaggery note, was that really unexpected? *stoned to death*

I'm not just happy for myself though! I'm also happy for all those who got into their desired school! Especially Edrie, who has earned the priviledge of attending the same school as Tok Kah Hao.

I was searching on Twitter for "NP Mass Comm" or "Ngee Ann Mass Comm" because I am a creepy ass who decided to look at the Twitter profiles of my future coursemates LOL.

So just in case there are more creepy asses out there I decided to post this up so that when they google the same thing, they can find me! Then we can be the best of friends! Which is just making me sound really pathetic, but still.

If anyone is going to NP's MCM and reading this, hey!!!!

Although this just might backfire on me and everybody will distance themselves from me when school starts. Sigh.

Seventeeeeeeen Magaziiiiiine

As a respite from having spent $130 on clothes yesterday and burning the side of mouth from a scalding hot piece of deep fried wanton, I shall bask in the pleasantness of having recently turned 17! Ain't sexteen no more!

Unfortunately, I had to work from 2pm - 10pm on the actual day itself and even Kimora said "You're still young, you need to have a life!"

I figured that taking an off day would be pointless since I'm not one to throw extravagant parties for my birthdays and even last year, my birthday was spent in school! Got CCA some more!

I guess I also didn't mind working because I celebrated my birthday throughout the week anyway. By throughout the week I really mean only 3 days... :(

2 days before on the 17th, Darren treated Edrie, Sophia and I to Pizza Hut!

This is the CNY special which is fucking nice, and it doesn't even have pork! Impressive.

And of course after the meal our favourite resident drug addict, Sophia, decided to do something creative:

On the 18th, 2 of my colleagues knew my birthday was the next day (because I shamelessly said it multiple times in everybody's faces which I think irritated Agnes Monica LOL) but that happened to be their off day!

So they were sweet enough to get me this after they knocked off!

In the shape of a turd. But I have to say it is the finest tasting piece of shit I've ever tasted, and I may or may not be trying to insinuate that I've tasted shit before.

On the very same day, at 11:59PM, I heard the doorbell ring which of course raised not just my eyebrows but my pubes as well because I wasn't wearing any underwear (My birthday what cannot meh) but I was so lazy I didn't bother to put any on before I opened the door.

I looked into the peephole and saw what just might be the most embarrassing sight of 2012. It was Sophia and Edrie desperately trying to light up a candle to no avail HAHA.

So I immediately opened the door in one swift movement and shouted "FAIL!!!!" POTONG STIM OR WHAT! They then started to curse and swear for not covering the peephole.

I forgive you, Edrie and Sophia, because I don't need a candle to be lighted on the absolutely expensive and high class Oreo Cheesecake from McCafé.

They did make this for me though which is so nice of them, and they are rarely nice to anybody.

Totally loving the obscenely written CHINA MAN everywhere. I was mostly amazed by how fat I was last time, and the worst part is how back then, I would keep defending myself saying that I was not! ~Thank god for bulimia~

They also got me a toy which helps lazy people like me grab onto things from a distance and a jacket from Uniqlo which looks amazing! Although later on they admitted that they only bought it when it was on sale. Potong stim.

The next day on ~my birthday itself~ the morning shift people bought a cake for me! How nice of them! Although I know I buay paiseh kept going "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!" I didn't expect anybody to do anything for me!

So nice riiiight? Then later on in the night my supervisor shouted to the entire queue of customers that it's my birthday today, good lord. He also said he'd get a girl to kiss me but didn't in the end LOL.

Therefore for my birthday this year I've eaten a total of 3 different cakes, which is just about the same number of yusheng I've had this CNY. 

Then on the 21st I went to watch Wicked with Jiarong!

Actually it isn't really to celebrate my birthday but I just didn't want to make myself seem so pathetic. Jiarong did pass me my presents on that day though,which is an utter trollfest.

First he got me Siti Nurhaliza's All Your Love. Then remember how I was so sad over SP's goodie bag running out? Well, from the bag he gave me the thing to coil your earpiece around, a ruler and a pen. Irritate.

The musical was pretty fucking amazing though. I'm so impressed!!! I think everyone should go watch it and PLEASE GET CAT A TICKETS. The view is just about right and totally worth the price.

You know what's not worth the price though? The merchandise. I strongly discourage buying the soundtrack there because it's 30 fucking dollars! Other CD stores only sell it for like, $20? Ish?

I ended up buying only a T-Shirt because even that costs $40. But I like it so it's okay. I contemplated the $30 water bottle but decided not to since it's made of metal and I keep having the impression that it would give a metallic taste to my water. Don't judge me.

That is how I spent my eventful birthday week! Of course, I can't wait to be 18 next year because that would bring me one year closer to gaining entry into Lucky Plaza's House of Condom.

Class Chalet (or as I like to pronounce it as, Challot)

So we had our class chalet during the first week of Jan and it was fucking awesome!!! Although 5 years down the road I'll probably have to go check if I have lung cancer because of all the shit I inhaled while barbecuing.

But it was nice being around my classmates again and the food everyone brought was fucking amazing. Like  Nazurah's fried rice and Edrie's agar agar. Not to mention the barbecued food was excellent, especially those that I cooked myself!!!

The toilets looked really dirty to me although they are actually really clean, and somehow overnight the toilet in my room had some weird stench from nowhere but I eventually switched rooms anyway.

During the second day I was enjoying ~the sea breeze~ as pictured above but the princess from Centris aka Shandy kept complaining about how bored she was! She even said bullshit like "I think ah, the sun at Kallang got something wrong one!"

There was also this REALLY embarrassing incident that happened between me and Gerald.

I saw that he was wearing this T-Shirt from Hang Ten with rosewood font and I went "Hang Ten, seriously?" in a mocking tone.

Turns out, I myself was wearing a plain Hang Ten tee and Gerald promptly replied "Hang Ten, seriously?" back.

OMG FUCKING EMBARRASSING!!! Seriously a real life example of say people say yourself. Or as the more atas people say it, ~*le pot calling le
kettle black*~.

I have my own version of this using religion but I don't want to be labelled racist.

I guess that's all I have to say about the chalet. I didn't get to rent a Mahjong set because the stupid thing costs $25 to rent. (Haven't even start to gamble already lose money) I do hope we will be able to do this again though! It's such a pity that the chalet is so expensive. At Loyang some more!

Le Boys (I thought Edrie is a girl?) (Damn I look sexy)

I think women should go for NS

With everything that we do for the first time, you might think that it is very enjoyable, and your head is all like "This job is fucking easy, I can do this for the rest of my life!"

That was, unfortunately, what I had thought at first during my first few days at work. I was wrong.

Don't get me wrong!!! I have friendly colleagues who are amazing and I'm also working at the same place as Philana and Desmond, although I can't trust Desmond anymore because he tells me the wrong things all the time, and I enjoy talking to customers and serving them, which is just about as lifeless as it gets.

But the thing is... my bosses can be a motherfucking son of a bitch. And you know who they are?


Some of them are really friendly and genuinely nice and they just make my job a whole lot easier and better. I acknowledge and appreciate that.

But some customers are just NASTY!

I work in retail so it is a fucking pain in the ass when it comes to difficult customers.

Here's one that happened just 2 days ago! This woman from China wanted this leather jacket REALLY badly from the mannequin, and that was the only one left because it was already sold out.

Our store only allows customers to RESERVE it first, and will be contacted within 2 weeks when it has been taken down from the mannequin. However, she doesn't want to reserve it because the stupid cheebye kept saying in Chinese that she wants to try it on.

She was really DAMN annoying! She kept repeating the sentences "I really want this jacket", "I don't want to reserve", "I really hope you can take it down now" FOR LIKE 10 000 TIMES. I even called the other outlets and just like any other day, no response. In the end she just left her contact number and my supervisor and I were so sian, seriously.

Another weird thing about customers is that they would approach me, asking me for a smaller or bigger size of a certain clothing from some godforsaken section of the store. When I ask them where they got it from, they don't even remember where! Insert Jackie Chan face here!

But on a more serious note, working in retail, especially in a place mainly targeted towards women, has made me learn a lot about women.

First of all, they take 10 years to shop in a store. And they like to drag their boyfriends along, with the look of boredom evident on their faces. When you tell them it's the last piece of clothing, they will be all sad and shit, expecting you to grab a new piece from thin air.

Secondly, some are OCD freaks. They expect a new piece from the tiniest and most minor defects. To be very honest, there are times where they would point out a defect and I won't even be able to see it. It's that ridiculous! WHY!!!

Also ah, the store has backrails that come from fitting rooms after people have tried clothing on and don't want them anymore. This backrail is then sent from station to station in the store for us to put them back in their original positions.

But to the customers, they think it is a dimsum restaurant and the backrail is the dimsum trolley where they can just conveniently browse through, making this hanger and that hanger drop. IRRITATE RIGHT!

And some women are fucking barbarians in the store, you have no idea! It's like a fucking madhouse, seriously.

On more than one occasion, I have already packed all the jeans on one of the tables nicely folded and stacked. I walk to the backrail, turn around, AND BAM. IT'S A FUCKING BIG MESS. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE RIGHT? WHAT ARE THESE WOMEN SMOKING?!?!

And at the end of the day, sometimes we even have to work OT just to clean up the shit that these women leave lying around. I'm talking about clothing all over the floor and on top of the racks. AND I'M NOT EVEN DONE TALKING ABOUT THE CLOTHES LYING ALL OVER THE PLACE.

It is ABSOLUTELY FINE that customers leave the clothes on the stands and racks. But it is NOT fine when customers leave clothes like knitted, wool sweaters on top of the racks where the hangers are.

Do you know how much of a pain it is to take the sweaters off? It will get trapped by the hangers and you have to slowly take it out so you won't damage the clothing! FUCKING IRRITATING. And customers wonder why some of our clothes are damaged.

Before you start to flame me, I KNOW that it is exactly our job to pick up after everyone's shit, but just let me say what I want before I explode. The nature of customers can really affect your mood. There are nice customers who don't throw shit around, and I really appreciate their efforts to keep the place neat. I LOVE YOU ALL.

But for the record, one of my supervisors praised me for my customer service twice okay! You may think I am some kind of bitch to customers during work, but I am actually very helpful, if I may say so myself. I will personally ~escort~ customers to the fitting room or run around the store just to help them find another size. The PMS usually sets in about 5 hours later.

Which is why I think there should be a new form of NS introduced specially for women. It would be a gruelling programme for them to work in the retail industry and experience the shit that they have always been giving to the sales associates. You like to throw clothes around right? Now you will be the one getting thrown clothes at!

And women can undergo this from as early as 12 years old. If they can start puberty earlier than us, they can start NS earlier than us too. Logic or not? MINISTER READING THIS?

Nonetheless, I still like my job a lot because it sucks out all the life inside me and my colleagues are fun people to hang out with, although I have a feeling some of the seniors don't like me.

There are a lot of lookalikes as well! Like Kimora Lee Simmons, Ai Otsuka, Agnes Monica etc. etc. Kimora is the one who I think doesn't like me.

I've also had embarrassing things happen to me like returning to the wrong customer after they ask me to search for something. Damn paiseh, seriously. You just look at their puzzled faces, you know shit just happened. Then there was once the actual customer was right beside the one I approached wrongly! I was like "Oh my god so sorry that was so embarrassing" LOL

And sometimes, as the retarded me has done quite a few times, when a customer says "Thank you so much", I reply with a "You're so welcome." I KNOW!! I can just go kill myself. Sometimes it's worse where I would say "Thank you" back

Bloggers Qiu Qiu and Typicalben also dropped by the store recently! I didn't know if it was Qiu Qiu at first but I eventually knew it was her when I went to tell her to go to the other cashier counter because the one at my side was not available. I didn't acknowledge her because I scared later she get pekcek LOL

Last but not least, I really have no idea if it is a coincidence or what, but for some reason, THE MUSIC PLAYED IN STORES ARE ALL THE SAME!!! I'm not even joking!

I go to my workplace, play this music. I go for my break, pass by the shops, also playing the same music! I don't get it! The music played in my workplace is from one of the staff's mp3 player! I bet they hold this secret meeting somewhere and be all like, "Today we shall discuss the music that shall be played in all stores along Orchard Road to bore the shit out of people." and shit like that.

Either way I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far because I am despite all the complaints I just ranted out!

I hope I will not get pissed off by anything at work anymore which would bring me to this hopeless place to vent all my anger at.

Welcome to Gross Central

I took an off day from my work on 7th January to attend JWSS' CCA Open House as well as the Poly Open Houses, and not just that, but I also wanted to see how much of a disaster JWSS is right now.

May I present to you, ladies and gentlemen:

A cum-stained parade square, which I masturbated all over and you can't see where I came at.

Hideously painted blue doors everywhere! (from Eva's twitter)

First of all, I am fine if they want to make the parade square like that, because I understand that the ground is always uneven, causing people to trip over.



WHERE'S OUR EAGLE GONE? ARE YOU GONNA SHAVE AWAY THE EAGLE'S NEST TOO? NO, I CAN'T, I CUNT! Where will the eagle be when we Google Maps the school now? I WANT AN ANSWER!!!

Even the teachers don't know if the eagle is gonna be back or not!

I don't think Mr Gan made this change. I think it's someone else, but I will not point names and name blames. And can't they at the very least make the floor colours even? Goodness gracious.

Oh, and I dropped my phone for the first time that day right on the parade square. Even the eagle hidden underneath wants my phone to protest, I'm telling you!


I asked BOTH students AND teachers and ALL of them thinks it's ugly. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! I'm so pissed! I thought the brown doors were nice!

Now everything just looks so dull and stale looking, you know what I mean? Kimora calls it fabulosity, I call it hideosity!

Other than the school's hideous appearance now, I thought the open house was pretty okay. It's nice to see all the familiar faces again, although a lot of teachers are gone now, especially my fav Ms A, Mdm Rubs and Mrs Tan aka ayumi hamasaki!

I also tried to take my EAGLES award that day but the clerk wasn't around. Well, someone was there, but I figured that she's either too lazy to entertain Edrie and I or she doesn't even understand what we're talking.


As for the Poly Open Houses, I only went to NP and SP, just like many others from JWSS because we're so lazy like that.

I only talked to some people at the NP Convention Centre and that's pretty much it. I did get the goodie bag though!!!

Unfortunately, SP ran out of theirs, so irritating! I also went for the Media & Communication tour, which was okay I guess. I'm still mostly bummed by the running out of SP goodie bags. THIS IS NOT THE END!!!


Though it didn't take me 525600 minutes to decide my 12 choices. I only took 10.

And here they are!

01. N67 - Mass Communication, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (COP: 10)
02. N85 - International Business, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (COP: 6)
03. S86 - Media and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic (COP: 12)
04. N87 - Advertising & Public Relations, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (COP: 12)
05. 22A - Arts, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (COP: R5 7)
06. 27A - Arts, National Junior College (COP: R5 5)
07. N82 - Film, Sound & Video, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (COP: 11)
08. N72 - Tourism & Resort Management, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (COP: 10)
09. S55 - Tourism & Resort Management, Singapore Polytechnic (COP: 12)
10. S97 - Music & Audio Technology, Singapore Polytechnic (COP: 12)
11. 28A - Arts, Raffles Institution (COP: R5 3)
12. 33A - Arts, Victoria Junior College (COP: R5 5)

As I mentioned on Twitter, my life... it's a mess! The list is backwards of what it should be LOL.

Either way, I'm happy with the choices I have made. No, the last 2 choices are not to troll anyone. I mean it for real! To me, distance plays an important part of my decision-making. RI is located at Bishan and VJC is located literally on the other end of Singapore. I can't!

I know you are probably fed up of me talking about this JC vs Poly thing but for some reason, the thought of going to a JC is still lingering at the back of my head.

Then as Sze Eng harshly reminded me of the cruel reality that is 1 hour PE lessons the idea immediately vanished.

This whole thing about everybody pressurizing me to choose another school reminds me so much of PSLE when I decided to appeal to JWSS instead when I got 220. I followed my intuition and hey, top scorer y'all! So now, I shall follow my heart as always.

Furthermore, I don't want to be the one who regrets attending JC and wish he had attended poly instead. I've heard one too many stories about that!

Just today I bumped into Ms Lin and asked her if she knew anybody who regretted going to a JC and she said no. On the contrary, it's always the other way round.

What if I get straight Bs for my A Levels? Or even half As half Bs? Bye bye, degree in Mass Comm, and I'm talking about good, reputable universities like Columbia University. Then I will reach the predicament of choosing a degree I don't give two hoots about, or even resort to SIM.

I think it's hilarious how when people get scores like, say, 9, which is close to MCM's cut-off point, people are all like "Oh wow that's a good course! Good choice! Not many people can get in! It's hard!"


It's not uncommon for single digit scorers to go into polytechnics, and it's not like I'm even going into Nursing.

People are acting like I'm the only 5-pointer opting for a Poly education in the whole of Singapore, when the fact is I'm only going to be the only top scorer from JWSS going the poly route, which, as an excellent segue, means I'll be setting 3 JWSS records!

 And as I've said before, going into Mass Comm has always been something I wanted, so scoring better than expected isn't a good enough reason to change my decision which was already made some 3 years ago.

Plus, I've already planned for my studies all the way to uni already, so I know what I'm doing, and things are going fine.

It takes courage to give JC a shot, struggle, and die, but it also takes courage to choose something against everyone else's wishes.

So bitch, please, I'm going to watch Siti Nurhaliza's documentary now.


Let's step into the ~time machine~

And finally...

For the long-awaited O Levels itself...



So just a little backstory here. I woke up after having a horrific dream that I got a B4 for English. Then I woke up and started to think, and realised that I just might get a B4 after all!

I SMS-ed Miss Teo, who prior to that said our class only got 2 A1s for English, although all of us passed.

In the end she just replied, "I can only say that u'd wish u were more cheena", and this scared the shit out of me because this could go either way -- either my Chinese is making my results awful, or my Maths is awful!

I didn't want to scare myself so early in the morning so I just stayed calm anyway. When I went to school, Edrie and I walked past Mrs Mano and we said a very enthusiastic "Hi!" only to be COMPLETELY IGNORED by her. I can't, seriously.

Halfway through eating my nasi goreng I suddenly had random people congratulating me, with the first being Noel. I was still very doubtful about it because they can't provide a credible source when I ask them. "RUMOURS!" I'd yell in my head (I didn't), although I already had my suspicions la hehehe

People have also been saying that it was circulating around that this year's top student was NOT from 4E1 which raised my hopes AND my eyebrows. Once again, no credible source.

So I just relaxed... until I walked past Yi Xin and he immediately exclaimed "EH HE TOP SCORER LEH"


Even when I went to the general office to collect my EAGLES award, Mr Aziz saw me and did the "orh-hor" sign to me.

Afterwards in the hall, while sitting down feeling sick to the stomach, remember how Mrs Chong said if Mr Leong came I wouldn't be the top student? Well, HE DID COME!! (NO SEXUAL CONTEXT PLEASE)

Mrs Chong then went on to say that it was "my retribution" because I made the class do the 69 sign in the class photo, which by the way, MADE IT INTO THE YEARBOOK!!! HAHAHA

Then Mr Gan showed the statistics which weren't very impressive because they were below national average, but I lost it when I saw that Computer Studies had 75% distinctions!!! Which is the 6 of us! We also did better than last year's 4E!

And before I could even get my shit together, Mr Gan immediately switched to the next slide and BAM.

I ALREADY PREPARED MYSELF FOR THIS OKAY I TOLD MYSELF "If my name appears... FASTER TAKE PHOTO!" and I did! After which I immediately went apeshit.

I think it's very ironic how I am right at the top over here, but in the very next slide...

I'm right at the bottom.


The teachers are really good at sporting poker faces because they already knew since 8AM! Ms Ho even told me outside the hall about my long hair, and said that she will trim it if I don't do well. Lol!

Here comes part with many different feelings:

- Douchebaggery -
(don't read if you're all sensitive and shit)


First of all, I am the first 6-pointer in JWSS' 11-year history. Secondly, I'M NOT EVEN FROM 4E1! First time ever a non-E1 student became top scorer! Thirdly, there's no thirdly, I'm just fat.

I also found out there's no wooden leaderboard in the school for top pupils... I is sad. But it's okay, because I am still the school's first 6-pointer!

- Humble -

I, personally, don't think I deserve to be called the top pupil. I KNOW!!! I'm not even trying to be humble here, I'm being very serious, and I have reasons why!

First of all, my subject combination is not taken by many of the elites in Singapore. Therefore, I believe the bellcurves of some subjects were tilted towards my favour.

On the other hand, the other top pupils like Marcus (who, by right, should be the top scorer) (but, by left, turns out to be me) and the other 4E1 pupils, are taking pure sciences! Which is very hard to get a distinction for! So I think their efforts are more commendable.

Plus, I only take 7 subjects, and they take 8.

I was even told that in the staff room when the teachers were discussing who the top scorer would be, everybody just said Marcus, or Ella, or Zhi Yang, except only Mr Leong who said me! Even Miss Teo didn't say my name! Miss Teo I am disappoint.

So do I think I am smart? No, I still think I am a retard.

- Emotional -

Honestly speaking I never thought I would have become the top scorer, let alone make school history! I've NEVER gotten an A1 for English, I swear. Even when I'm estimating my aggregate in my head, I always put English as an A2 at best.

Oh, and Philana is the second A1 from the class. What an American.

And holy shit, A1 for Combined Science, NEVER IN MY LIFE MAN!

Also, I have to say my Combined Humanities' A1 also came as a huge shock. To be very honest, I wrote some bullshit in my SS paper as well.

For example, in the pictorial source with the many different families, asking us to compare with another source, this is the rough idea of what I wrote:

"In [text source], it states that "something about families having only 2 children," however, in [pictorial source], a family is seen with 3 children, not 2!"

I'M SERIOUS HAHAHA. The pictorial source isn't even like, real pictures of people but just drawings. See? Full of shit. But any juniors seeing this please don't bullshit and play a fool in exams! It was a last resort!

- Angry -

When I got back my results, for some weird reason, everybody automatically assumed that I'm going to JC. Guess what?


And when I tell them I'm going to Poly, the most common phrase that comes afterwards is "Fuck you." WALAO EH!!!

In a more reasonable point of view, let me express my reasons.

1. I did not take any Pure Sciences, therefore the foundation is not there. I don't like the idea of having to struggle in JC because there's no time for shit like that.

2. My Chinese is like shit. That B3 is a total combo breaker.

3. I already mug like shit for O Levels, you want me to do that for another 2 years? I DON'T THINK SO


In a more "unreasonable" manner,

Why the hell are you even not happy that I'm going to Poly? My mind, since Day 1, has already been set on Poly. So what if I did better than I expected? Does that mean I should give it up to be somewhere I never want myself to be in? I don't think so, buddy.

What if I struggle in JC and end up getting kanasai results for A Levels? CANNOT EVEN GET INTO UNI, MUST SETTLE FOR A LEVEL CERT. I don't want to take any chances please. Time is money!

I even told Mrs Chong in an act-atas manner: "In this ~*dog-eat-dog world*~, it is ~*every man for himself*~"


Speaking of which... now I have a HUUUUGE dilemma. Because I never expected myself to get an aggregate so low, I've never considered International Business as a choice.

But I have already more or less decided that I want to get into Mass Communications since my interest lies more in there, although I might put IB as one of my first few choices. I'll post my 12 choices soon. Raffles JC will be my 12th choice. *insert trollface here*

Now everybody scold me for not going JC, when Chinese New Year comes get another round again.

We had a group shot of the top scorers with the principals (Omg I feel like a star!!!) and I got a solo shot, which I think is going to appear on the school website. Bleh. It was only one shot, and I didn't even get to see if it was good or not! So don't go and see ah.

Here are also pictures Mdm Lock asked me to take of her Combined Science A1 students!

(Gerald, Mdm Lock, me and Kar Qi)

The only difference between both pictures is Gerald's shirt.

I'm also scared for the Speech Day valedictorian speech! I was not ready for this! I CANNOT make a boring speech, because I have sat through two of those, and I can't do it, so we'll see how it goes. At most I'll follow Alex from Modern Family: "Don't stop believing and let's get this party started!"

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for their congratulations, but I'd also like to congratulate Marcus, Christel, Ella, Si Yuan and Zhi Yang for being the top scorers in the school! Don't forget to congratulate them because they deserve it! And a very big fuck you to those who don't want me to go to poly!

I also want to thank all my teachers especially Miss Teo for your efforts as well as words of encouragement. (eg. "Pride comes before a fall" "YOU BETTER BE THE TOP SCORER AH")

Most importantly, I hope all students who just got their results reading this are satisfied with their results and are able to get into a course that they like. Even if you don't get your desired results, I think everybody should simply move on. When life throws lemons at you, squeeze them into your vodka.

And if any juniors are seeing this, ESPECIALLY THOSE FROM 3E2/4E2, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I don't care if you don't see me as a role model but just know that it IS possible to reach the top without being from the best class. Of course just because you're not from E2 doesn't mean you shouldn't work hard la, who knows you could be the next non-E1/non-E2 to be the top scorer!

Can't wait for the speech day buffet man! See, I was so determined to get the speech day buffet, and I be GETTING IT.

p/s. My face appeared twice in the yearbook. Let's play hide and seek.

p/p/s. To Mrs Mano: you ignored the top scorer today. 

Time goes by so fastly (Yes, fastly)

So I have a big day tomorrow and to be quite honest I am not VERY nervous at all. I'm pretty much tired of waiting already so just give me my results! Of course with everything, apprehension comes as the date looms closer, so I should stop scaring myself.

I guess my only concern is that I wouldn't live up to my expectations, I guess, but I will be very happy if I can get a single digit L1R4 and that would be enough for me.

Just yesterday during our CCA Open House I was talking to Mrs Chong and she said "Do you know Mr Leong is afraid of coming because of YOU?!" because he scared that I will steal his class' thunder and become the top scorer LOL!!!

Of course I would LOOOVE to become a top scorer, but I really don't think I can even be the top scorer for my class. DON'T ASK ME WHY LA I ALSO DUNNO!!! Feeling la feeling. ~apprehension~

On the other hand, Miss Teo was like "You BETTER be the top scorer ah!"

I remember when I was in P6, before the release of my PSLE results, I dreamt that I only got 52 for my T-Score, but ended up exceeding my expectations. But this time I keep dreaming I get good results! IT IS A SIGN... JENG JENG JENG

In fact I vividly remember that in one dream, I got 4 A1s and 3 A2s, whereas Marcus got 5 A1s and 2 A2s. First of all it doesn't make sense because I already got B3 for my Chinese. Secondly, it also doesn't make sense because Marcus takes 8 subjects. But I don't want to think so much and just hope for the best la.

And since I am so selfless all the time, I'm hoping not just for the best for me but also for all O Level students! Except, of course, the people I don't like, such as Najews. Cheeh.

But whatever the result is *cue sad music* I am still very proud of myself because I know that I've done my best, and I guess that's why I don't feel scared at all because there's nothing else that I could have done to make things better!


I know that it is inexcusable, and I can say sorry for the next 10 years but never be forgiven, because I have found my new guilty pleasure, which is 2NE1's I AM THE BEST.

I don't even want to let you know my previous ones just so you won't detest me more than you already do. YEEAAAAHAHHAH IT'S A PARTY IN THE USA

In other things that I would like to once again apologise for is the lack of updates, because I have a job now and it's not that it's tiring, it's just that I reach home late all the time since I live at Jurong West!

Either way, here are some upcoming posts that I promise that I'm working on and will be posted reaaallly soon! (I literally have over 10 drafted posts on my dashboard now)

- Attending JWSS' CCA Open House (and their nasty revamp) / Poly Open Houses today
- O Level Results on Monday
- My first week at work
- My awesome class chalet
- USA 2011, Part 1 

It almost feels like I have ADHD because I think one of the symptoms is starting a lot of things but leaving them unfinished. I NEED HELP!!!

CDs of the month! (#24)

Happy 2 year anniversary for CDotMs!!! Woohooo!!!!

(2011.12.07) Namie Amuro - Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! / Love Story (CD+DVD | First Press | Postcard)

Namie's latest single which is fucking awesome because I love every single track on it. (Higher brings about some serious headbanging action)

(2011.09.21) Every Little Thing - ORDINARY (CD+DVD | 15th Anniversary Special Edition)

ELT's latest album which I only got 3 months after its release! Initially, it was already sold out on CDJapan by the time I wanted to order it, so I did so in Play Asia instead because I thought it was still available since I could still order it.

But when I checked back 1 week after I have yet to receive news of it being shipped, it's NOT! It was on backorder! Sibei pekcek, especially when I ordered a month in advance. So I sent them an angry email saying that they should not allow preordering when they don't have enough stock, and since it was limited edition, I doubt it would ever be back in stock based on experience, so I simply wanted to know if they're even going to get new stock.

They sent back an email to apologise, saying how they're trying to contact the supplier and everything, but I didn't cancel my order and went for my US trip. At around early December, I suddenly received the email of a packaged being shipped, and I was so happy!!! I shouldn't have been so angry at them because I didn't know they'd manage to restock. So yea, that's my story of how I got this.

The special edition came with a towel and a fan, of all things, to celebrate their 15th anniversary!

The album, buried below.

Agnes Monica's Sacredly Agnezious, her latest studio album (from 2009) which I bought to take advantage of the free shipping from YesAsia when I ordered my 2012 calendar. Eh the album is nice okay!

(2003.03.19) Koda Kumi - grow into one (First Press)

Kuu's second studio album which I got from Karen as a Christmas present, so thanks! I only had the regular edition so it's nice to have the first press edition because I am so anal, OCD, etc.

And that's it for CDotM this month! Sorry for not updating regularly because of my work and everything. In fact, I only remembered I had to do this yesterday night!

And then it hit me...



 Meanwhile, check out my spanking new 2012 calendar!

Which is shot by my favourite ~Leslie Kee~, although the photoshopping here is kind of disastrous, because she looks like a duck in the cover.

Anyway happy new year everybody. I don't have the mood to type out a proper happy new year post because I'm going to cherish the remaining precious time that I have being an unemployed loser.