Class Chalet (or as I like to pronounce it as, Challot)

So we had our class chalet during the first week of Jan and it was fucking awesome!!! Although 5 years down the road I'll probably have to go check if I have lung cancer because of all the shit I inhaled while barbecuing.

But it was nice being around my classmates again and the food everyone brought was fucking amazing. Like  Nazurah's fried rice and Edrie's agar agar. Not to mention the barbecued food was excellent, especially those that I cooked myself!!!

The toilets looked really dirty to me although they are actually really clean, and somehow overnight the toilet in my room had some weird stench from nowhere but I eventually switched rooms anyway.

During the second day I was enjoying ~the sea breeze~ as pictured above but the princess from Centris aka Shandy kept complaining about how bored she was! She even said bullshit like "I think ah, the sun at Kallang got something wrong one!"

There was also this REALLY embarrassing incident that happened between me and Gerald.

I saw that he was wearing this T-Shirt from Hang Ten with rosewood font and I went "Hang Ten, seriously?" in a mocking tone.

Turns out, I myself was wearing a plain Hang Ten tee and Gerald promptly replied "Hang Ten, seriously?" back.

OMG FUCKING EMBARRASSING!!! Seriously a real life example of say people say yourself. Or as the more atas people say it, ~*le pot calling le
kettle black*~.

I have my own version of this using religion but I don't want to be labelled racist.

I guess that's all I have to say about the chalet. I didn't get to rent a Mahjong set because the stupid thing costs $25 to rent. (Haven't even start to gamble already lose money) I do hope we will be able to do this again though! It's such a pity that the chalet is so expensive. At Loyang some more!

Le Boys (I thought Edrie is a girl?) (Damn I look sexy)

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