I think women should go for NS

With everything that we do for the first time, you might think that it is very enjoyable, and your head is all like "This job is fucking easy, I can do this for the rest of my life!"

That was, unfortunately, what I had thought at first during my first few days at work. I was wrong.

Don't get me wrong!!! I have friendly colleagues who are amazing and I'm also working at the same place as Philana and Desmond, although I can't trust Desmond anymore because he tells me the wrong things all the time, and I enjoy talking to customers and serving them, which is just about as lifeless as it gets.

But the thing is... my bosses can be a motherfucking son of a bitch. And you know who they are?


Some of them are really friendly and genuinely nice and they just make my job a whole lot easier and better. I acknowledge and appreciate that.

But some customers are just NASTY!

I work in retail so it is a fucking pain in the ass when it comes to difficult customers.

Here's one that happened just 2 days ago! This woman from China wanted this leather jacket REALLY badly from the mannequin, and that was the only one left because it was already sold out.

Our store only allows customers to RESERVE it first, and will be contacted within 2 weeks when it has been taken down from the mannequin. However, she doesn't want to reserve it because the stupid cheebye kept saying in Chinese that she wants to try it on.

She was really DAMN annoying! She kept repeating the sentences "I really want this jacket", "I don't want to reserve", "I really hope you can take it down now" FOR LIKE 10 000 TIMES. I even called the other outlets and just like any other day, no response. In the end she just left her contact number and my supervisor and I were so sian, seriously.

Another weird thing about customers is that they would approach me, asking me for a smaller or bigger size of a certain clothing from some godforsaken section of the store. When I ask them where they got it from, they don't even remember where! Insert Jackie Chan face here!

But on a more serious note, working in retail, especially in a place mainly targeted towards women, has made me learn a lot about women.

First of all, they take 10 years to shop in a store. And they like to drag their boyfriends along, with the look of boredom evident on their faces. When you tell them it's the last piece of clothing, they will be all sad and shit, expecting you to grab a new piece from thin air.

Secondly, some are OCD freaks. They expect a new piece from the tiniest and most minor defects. To be very honest, there are times where they would point out a defect and I won't even be able to see it. It's that ridiculous! WHY!!!

Also ah, the store has backrails that come from fitting rooms after people have tried clothing on and don't want them anymore. This backrail is then sent from station to station in the store for us to put them back in their original positions.

But to the customers, they think it is a dimsum restaurant and the backrail is the dimsum trolley where they can just conveniently browse through, making this hanger and that hanger drop. IRRITATE RIGHT!

And some women are fucking barbarians in the store, you have no idea! It's like a fucking madhouse, seriously.

On more than one occasion, I have already packed all the jeans on one of the tables nicely folded and stacked. I walk to the backrail, turn around, AND BAM. IT'S A FUCKING BIG MESS. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE RIGHT? WHAT ARE THESE WOMEN SMOKING?!?!

And at the end of the day, sometimes we even have to work OT just to clean up the shit that these women leave lying around. I'm talking about clothing all over the floor and on top of the racks. AND I'M NOT EVEN DONE TALKING ABOUT THE CLOTHES LYING ALL OVER THE PLACE.

It is ABSOLUTELY FINE that customers leave the clothes on the stands and racks. But it is NOT fine when customers leave clothes like knitted, wool sweaters on top of the racks where the hangers are.

Do you know how much of a pain it is to take the sweaters off? It will get trapped by the hangers and you have to slowly take it out so you won't damage the clothing! FUCKING IRRITATING. And customers wonder why some of our clothes are damaged.

Before you start to flame me, I KNOW that it is exactly our job to pick up after everyone's shit, but just let me say what I want before I explode. The nature of customers can really affect your mood. There are nice customers who don't throw shit around, and I really appreciate their efforts to keep the place neat. I LOVE YOU ALL.

But for the record, one of my supervisors praised me for my customer service twice okay! You may think I am some kind of bitch to customers during work, but I am actually very helpful, if I may say so myself. I will personally ~escort~ customers to the fitting room or run around the store just to help them find another size. The PMS usually sets in about 5 hours later.

Which is why I think there should be a new form of NS introduced specially for women. It would be a gruelling programme for them to work in the retail industry and experience the shit that they have always been giving to the sales associates. You like to throw clothes around right? Now you will be the one getting thrown clothes at!

And women can undergo this from as early as 12 years old. If they can start puberty earlier than us, they can start NS earlier than us too. Logic or not? MINISTER READING THIS?

Nonetheless, I still like my job a lot because it sucks out all the life inside me and my colleagues are fun people to hang out with, although I have a feeling some of the seniors don't like me.

There are a lot of lookalikes as well! Like Kimora Lee Simmons, Ai Otsuka, Agnes Monica etc. etc. Kimora is the one who I think doesn't like me.

I've also had embarrassing things happen to me like returning to the wrong customer after they ask me to search for something. Damn paiseh, seriously. You just look at their puzzled faces, you know shit just happened. Then there was once the actual customer was right beside the one I approached wrongly! I was like "Oh my god so sorry that was so embarrassing" LOL

And sometimes, as the retarded me has done quite a few times, when a customer says "Thank you so much", I reply with a "You're so welcome." I KNOW!! I can just go kill myself. Sometimes it's worse where I would say "Thank you" back

Bloggers Qiu Qiu and Typicalben also dropped by the store recently! I didn't know if it was Qiu Qiu at first but I eventually knew it was her when I went to tell her to go to the other cashier counter because the one at my side was not available. I didn't acknowledge her because I scared later she get pekcek LOL

Last but not least, I really have no idea if it is a coincidence or what, but for some reason, THE MUSIC PLAYED IN STORES ARE ALL THE SAME!!! I'm not even joking!

I go to my workplace, play this music. I go for my break, pass by the shops, also playing the same music! I don't get it! The music played in my workplace is from one of the staff's mp3 player! I bet they hold this secret meeting somewhere and be all like, "Today we shall discuss the music that shall be played in all stores along Orchard Road to bore the shit out of people." and shit like that.

Either way I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far because I am despite all the complaints I just ranted out!

I hope I will not get pissed off by anything at work anymore which would bring me to this hopeless place to vent all my anger at.

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