I know that it is inexcusable, and I can say sorry for the next 10 years but never be forgiven, because I have found my new guilty pleasure, which is 2NE1's I AM THE BEST.

I don't even want to let you know my previous ones just so you won't detest me more than you already do. YEEAAAAHAHHAH IT'S A PARTY IN THE USA

In other things that I would like to once again apologise for is the lack of updates, because I have a job now and it's not that it's tiring, it's just that I reach home late all the time since I live at Jurong West!

Either way, here are some upcoming posts that I promise that I'm working on and will be posted reaaallly soon! (I literally have over 10 drafted posts on my dashboard now)

- Attending JWSS' CCA Open House (and their nasty revamp) / Poly Open Houses today
- O Level Results on Monday
- My first week at work
- My awesome class chalet
- USA 2011, Part 1 

It almost feels like I have ADHD because I think one of the symptoms is starting a lot of things but leaving them unfinished. I NEED HELP!!!

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