Time goes by so fastly (Yes, fastly)

So I have a big day tomorrow and to be quite honest I am not VERY nervous at all. I'm pretty much tired of waiting already so just give me my results! Of course with everything, apprehension comes as the date looms closer, so I should stop scaring myself.

I guess my only concern is that I wouldn't live up to my expectations, I guess, but I will be very happy if I can get a single digit L1R4 and that would be enough for me.

Just yesterday during our CCA Open House I was talking to Mrs Chong and she said "Do you know Mr Leong is afraid of coming because of YOU?!" because he scared that I will steal his class' thunder and become the top scorer LOL!!!

Of course I would LOOOVE to become a top scorer, but I really don't think I can even be the top scorer for my class. DON'T ASK ME WHY LA I ALSO DUNNO!!! Feeling la feeling. ~apprehension~

On the other hand, Miss Teo was like "You BETTER be the top scorer ah!"

I remember when I was in P6, before the release of my PSLE results, I dreamt that I only got 52 for my T-Score, but ended up exceeding my expectations. But this time I keep dreaming I get good results! IT IS A SIGN... JENG JENG JENG

In fact I vividly remember that in one dream, I got 4 A1s and 3 A2s, whereas Marcus got 5 A1s and 2 A2s. First of all it doesn't make sense because I already got B3 for my Chinese. Secondly, it also doesn't make sense because Marcus takes 8 subjects. But I don't want to think so much and just hope for the best la.

And since I am so selfless all the time, I'm hoping not just for the best for me but also for all O Level students! Except, of course, the people I don't like, such as Najews. Cheeh.

But whatever the result is *cue sad music* I am still very proud of myself because I know that I've done my best, and I guess that's why I don't feel scared at all because there's nothing else that I could have done to make things better!

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