I am like a role model, but not quite really

Today I was invited by the school to give... a motivational talk. I KNOW RIGHT!!!

I managed to get Philana and Eva, my "supporters", to film my speech for the classes I gave the talk to, namely 4E1 and 4E2. Maybe I'll upload it... or maybe not, because it's so embarrassing HAHAHA.

But hey, I really had a great time sharing my learning experience through the O Levels period. I already made a disclaimer at the start saying that I'm going to include a lot of cliché things and that I personally don't even believe in these talks so I guess it's okay.

Although I feel that these kind of things can't be accurately put to words because it's something that one really has to go through him or herself in order to really understand what I'm trying to get at. I realised that I was just beating around the bush because somehow, there is no way to get to the point!

I want to tell them to find something to work hard towards, but I was basically just circling around you know... finding where you want to go after O Levels... find out what motivates you... where your drive is that... which is of course, cliché, and just seems like a load of shit. If I was in their shoes, I would think that I am full of shit and would have given myself a tight slap.

When I was tasked to do the talk, it took me just one night to think of 5 pages worth of what to say, and it actually lasted for around 30 minutes just to finish them all! It's ridiculously long man! But it was a breeze for me to say it because it was all my opinions so they are naturally retained inside my memory already, so there wasn't any problem in the delivery.

The unfortunate thing is that I was kind of nervous? And I kind of flustered around with the 5 sheets of paper printed on rough paper in shitass condition (if you received my talk today you would have seen the papers) so I missed out on  A LOT OF POINTS.

I told myself after telling 4E1 that I will get my shit together and say everything as intended to 4E2. Unfortunately, I didn't, and went on to even exclude an important part that I didn't tell 4E2.

If you're from 4E2 and reading this, remember how I talked about my 2 motivational factors? Although I only talked about 1?! Which was the speech day buffet, but never got around to say the second one? Omg that was the dumbest mistake I could ever make. Completely slipped my mind.

But like I said I really enjoyed myself! I'm glad that I even managed to get the classes to laugh. In fact I even got 4E1's form teacher to laugh! Achievement Unlocked! I was soooo afraid she would just roll her eyes at me throughout the entire speech.

Admittedly 4E1 had more laughs than 4E2 so naturally I was more comfortable speaking with them. Both were a great experience nonetheless, and I wouldn't mind doing it again. I especially wanted to make sure that the talk was interesting and funny because being a student myself, I KNOW that motivational talks are bloody boring, and I didn't want it to be just like any other talk that just drones on and on.

I always wanted to do something different from the others and add a touch of humour in it because that's what makes students listen isn't it.

Just like how I was telling Ms Lim that I am always willing to come back and help the school like this motivational talk because I wanted to be different from the other top scorers.

From what I have observed, the top scorers in previous years simply got their results, disappeared, came back for speech day, gone for good. Why do I want to be just like any of them? I just feel like it's a selfish action. I mean, sure, they all went to a JC so they're busy, but I feel like an effort could be done as a way to show your appreciation to how your school made you get to where you are today.

Let's just be honest. Had Marcus been the top scorer, and if Miss Lim asked him to come back to give a motivational talk, would he have done it? Maybe public speaking is not their thing, but would he even come back and help for just a little bit, not necessarily talking? I don't think so. (Sorry Marcus but you know I've always been honest with you)

It's these little things that I try to do that really makes me happy and willing to help. The fact that the pupils even said that my talk was interesting, funny, good etc really made my day. Some even felt motivated by my nonsense! Like I mentioned in my talk, even being at the top is lonely sometimes, and I am really glad to see that the students enjoyed it.

If you're from 4E1 or 4E2, this is to show my appreciation for your attention! It doesn't even matter if 1 person laughed or the whole class laughed, I'm just happy you didn't fall asleep, because I fell asleep for almost all the motivational talks I've ever attended, so thank you! I hope that in the near future I'll be able to speak to students more and try to help them as well.

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