It's FAPuary!

It's already the first of February and I am honestly looking forward to the start of school already! Which is in 2 more months!

Who would have thought that my tweet actually got me to know some of my future coursemates already? I feel like they are all my long lost siblings, though that would mean my parents fucked a hell lot of times la but that's not the point.

Unlike most of the people I've met in my secondary school life, these bunch of people are actually really sociable and I feel like I share a lot of things in common with them. I even found a fellow J-Pop fan who doesn't simply listen to songs tied to animes! What are the chances?

Usually when you first meet somebody there is always that sense of awkwardness but I am actually very comfortable talking to them. I know it's all through the internet and I may not feel the same way communicating in real life but I think it's nice to see people willing to socialise and communicate before the beginning of school.

The reason why I was so afraid that this would not turn out good was an incident in 2009 that took place during my Unit Instructor's Program.

I missed the first day of the contact session because I had to attend my unit's annual camp, so I missed out on quite a lot of things especially when it's the first day. I was a bit worried because I didn't want a situation where everyone knows each other except me and already formed their own cliques, which will make the subsequent sessions awkward as hell.

I sent an email to all my group mates, telling them that I missed out on the first session while at the same time introducing who I am. Basically I just portrayed myself to be a friendly person la!

I only received a reply from this Raffles guy (who, may I add, is the only nice guy I've ever talked to from RI) who told me that I didn't miss much and all that. The rest? Macam dead like that.

Went back for second contact session. When I told them that I was Travis, they'd say in a monotonous tone, "Oh so you're that... meat... pao gmail guy ah," and just not say anything else. It would probably have been less awkward had I not sent the email, seriously.

Some of them even DISTANCED themselves from me and one idiot from Jurong Sec even called me siao! OMG LA my email didn't even say shit like "I fap to porn on a regular basis, looking for a partner to accompany"

Based on that experience alone it then became a "once bitten, twice shy" kind of thing. But I just can't simply not do it for so long because I just like to talk to people! To be honest some of the people I've met in the UIP have been the worst people to communicate with!

That's why I was so skeptical of doing the same thing to my Mass Comm mates because I don't want history to repeat itself and lagi best, for 3 straight years. To my pleasant surprise, this was not the case :)

My only concern is that the intake for Mass Comm is 180, whereas the group of us only include 20 or so people. I'm scared the other 160 will be like the UIP people again!!!

The DPA students have already started school and I can see that they've bonded really well during this period of time too, so I am just afraid that there will be a social segregation when school starts.

Oh well, it is what it is! I've pretty much decided that I'll just go with the flow whatever happens. We'll see, we'll see.

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