Karma's a bitch, bitch

Today I went back to school and saw Jerome who told me something that made my day.

Apparently, the judgemental person I've talked about a few times before also known as ~head too big for le bodeh~, did really shittily for his N Levels and, according to Jerome, even CRIED after seeing his results.


Ok I know I am being an asshole but hey, he was the one who had the time of his life laughing at and judging me as if he was even in the position to do so in the first place. Now look who's laughing, and look who's crying!

Omg... and him being a retainee and dropping to another stream... now he's there... by the time he finishes his education he'll be 45.

Like how a teacher in my secondary school liked judging me so much back then but now she's ballooned and gained so much weight!  

It's really hilarious how some people like to say so many shit things about me thinking they can be so much better than me but hey, look who's laughing now! I'm doing better than so many of you jerks!

I can't wait for my turn when karma would finally come bite me in the ass. COME AT ME BRO 

On second thought, maybe it already has come in the form of losing all my Mahjong games so far... hmmm...

I feel amazing today.

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