USA 2011 Part 2.0 -- Jetlagged in Nashville

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I have never experienced jetlag before so it was a first for me to ever wake up at 4AM on a Friday not being able to go back to sleep at all.

What... a fucked body clock indeed.

One lulz thing was how we were watching the news and there was a reporter LIVE in front of the hotel we were staying at. The sky's color was literally changing with the screen on the TV.

The only agenda we had for that day was to catch the Grand Ole Opry live radio show which is some sort of weekly ~country music "concert"~ in the night at the Ryman Auditorium.

Unfortunately the Country Music Awards was held at that exact place exactly one week before we came. How serendipitous. But I can't really be bothered either.

Normally it would play at the Grand Ole Opry House but it was closed for renovation during our stay in Nashville!

For the most part of our day we simply lazed around and watched TV until it was 6 so that we could order room service for breakfast because we're too lazy to look for a place to eat breakfast at.

Look at the cute little bottles of ketchup which Eva's mother conveniently packed into her bag to give to her sister when we go over to stay at her place LOL

My American breakfast which surprisingly came in a moderately-sized portion for USA standards. Comes with sausages, eggs and potatoes as well as some toast. Everything was amazing but the sausages were salty as hell.

This was Eva's mother's burrito which came in a bigger portion and this tasted SO. GOOD. Special mention goes out to the guacamole which surprised me because it tasted amazing.

The hotel we stayed at, which is the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, was pretty good and the only issue I have with is the toilet seat because that shit (no pun intended) is so cold, my balls shrivel up in fright and get hypothermia.

Which doesn't help that when we first arrived, I was the first one to use the shower and I didn't know how to change from cold water to hot water. How retarded is that.

As it turns out, I had to on the tap to a desired amount of water, switch to the shower head, and then turn some more to adjust the temperature, which I only managed to figure out after standing around thinking for 10 minutes stark naked. I may or may not have checked myself out through the mirror in the process.

But in my defence there wasn't an indication on how to change the water temperature whatsoever, so I am a genius for figuring it out myself!!! A GENIUS!!!

I initially thought that since you turn to adjust water amount before you switch to the showerhead, obviously through the showerhead you turn some more will come out more water what! Who would have thought? But enough about showers now.

After lazing enough we took a walk around the home of country music where we didn't really do anything productive. We did shop a little as far as I am concerned and by little I really mean only 6 pin badges:

Which by the way costs USD5 for 3! But who cares, I like it.

The shop even sold boxes of REAL crickets and worms )(dead la which I wanted to buy for Edrie as a prank but I didn't want the plan to backfire on me such as the box breaking open halfway the journey home in my luggage. There was even nutritional information at the back of the box and each box of crickets is only 5 calories! The fuck?

After walking for a REALLY long time (and I mean REALLY) we decided to just get lunch and head back to the hotel to rest before going to the Ryman Auditorium. We went by this place which sells freshly made pizza and decided to give it a try!

The (presumably) shop owner was just the nicest man in the world and is really skilled at making pizza! Everything is freshly handmade from the moment you make your order. He even posed for a picture!

Check this shit out y'all.

You have no idea how good it was. And we ate lunch while watching ellen which just so happened to be on the TV.

We didn't need to go to the Ryman Auditorium ourselves because as tourists we get to be chauffeured from our hotel like some tour thing. Turns out the only people travelling here as real tourists were us and another old couple from Illinois, as we would find out later.

The driver also works as an elementary school teacher during the day and he is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. His service was simply beyond impeccable! He's just all bubbly and nice.

Picture taken while on the bus

Outside the Ryman Auditorium!

Apparently at the Grand Ole Opry show, there isn't a fixed lineup so it just depends on who's available and who's not, so if you're lucky you might get to see some famous legends live, which we did!

Unfortunately, being only 16, I knew absolutely none of the legends who turned up. But hey Wikipedia!

Artists performing for the night

This humorous woman who I think is doing an impression of Minnie Pearl

First part of the show hosted by Mike Snider

Performance by Connie Smith, who is apparently a legend I don't know about.

The Del McCoury Band

(Check out her hair)

Jimmy Dickens, who is a fucking funny guy. He's also really short! He's already 91 (Wiki'd) and STILL performing regularly at the Grand Ole Opry.

Diamond Rio

A clearer picture of Jimmy Dickens, performing, as I quote him, "a song from my latest album... in 1963." HAHAHAHA

Wanda Jackson, who is also very short.

Brandi Carlile, whose performances I enjoyed a lot. That day was her debut at the Grand Ole Opry!

In all, the show was fucking amazing and all the performers and hosts were so funny. Unfortunately, it seems that Eva and I are the only young people there, except for maybe a toddler or two. Most of the people who attended were tourists like us though, and are also first-timers.

To be quite honest my eyelids were starting to flutter like mad because of the jetlag so I was half-sleep for the second half of the show. It was an enjoyable show nonetheless! ~*condescending remark*~

I also bought this book from the Grand Ole Opry for USD15 on the history of the place with pictures etc

The same tour bus brought us back to the hotel entrance and we simply watched TV till we fell asleep.

I very vividly remember this advertisement I saw which made me laugh like shit. It was an advertisement for a brand of jeans for men that apparently provides more room in the crotch area so that there's more space for your balls to breath HAHAHAHAHA

Some more it's conveniently called CROTCH BALLS!!!

The ad begins with this man squatting down in the regular pair of jeans and then started making high-pitched noises, after which he changes into crotch balls jeans and does the same thing, except this time it's in his normal, low voice. Hilarious! I don't know why you needed to know all that, but still.


Ok thanks to Eva, the jeans aren't actually called crotch balls but are called BALLROOM JEANS!!! Get it? Like BALL ROOM? LMAO

And this is the ad I was talking about! Enjoy your lulz

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