Orh hor I tell your mother

I just came back from volunteering as a ~guest instructor~ for my school's Red Cross NCO camp! I don't really have anything much to say but the general consensus is that it is, for the most part, shit.

I was there pretty much to help with the interviewing panel and that didn't wasn't really as interesting as I thought it would have been but hey, I don't regret going for it at all. Kinda sad to see them in that state but I guess we have to embrace the fact that uniformed groups will never be what they used to be anymore.

In other news, I just permed my hair.

But by perm I don't mean like Ronald McDonald kind but it gives my hair more volume and more body to it.

It's not supposed to be curly but it makes it wavier which I like a lot. After all I've been having REALLY straight hair for the past 17 years and I think I should do something different. Maybe I'll even try going curly next time just to see how it's like LOL.

But before I went for the actual perm everybody said I'll look like Lee Min Ho, except I don't even know how he looks like until I did a Google search. My hair really look a bit like his leh. HAHAHAHAHA

Speaking of which I want to clarify that I never wanted the perm simply to emulate those Korean idols that everyone is obsessing over!

It all started when I went to the salon near Eva's house a few months back to get my hair a little trim. At the end the hair stylist said, "Actually you should perm your hair leh! Will look very nice!" and then since then I was like HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... because a perm has never crossed my mind before!

So yep, that's how I decided to get it done. I'm also intending to colour it brown soon because it'll cost cheaper as I signed a package when I went to perm my hair.

The process was pretty boring though because it took 2 hours, and your head is soaked in this sulfur-smelling chemical with curlers all over. But the end result... when he unveils the towel... BAM! You will look bloody different. In a pleasant way, of course.

So yea I'm happy that I'm able to pull it off because I find that a perm is generally something that only looks good on some people, not most. LOL.

Why do a lot of old women like to perm their hair though? I swear I've never ever seen both my grandmothers with straight hair all my life, and I highly doubt that they naturally curl like that. Age doesn't make your hair curl right? Does it? Hmm...

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