Ur hur hur I'm so irritating and it offends you

I think I am a very entertaining person, if I may shamelessly say so myself.

Unfortunately this has caused someone at the Somerset outlet of my workplace to take offense at the words I have said through the phone. OMG I'M SO PISSED ok here's the story:

A customer wanted me to call the other outlets to check if they have stock for a certain piece of clothing.

As usual, the people at the Somerset outlet did not pick up the phone which is totally fine because I totally understand that they can be busy and picking up a phone is of the last priority!

But since the customer seemed to be really hard up over it I kept calling and calling over and over again until they FINALLY picked up!

When they finally did I decided to JOKINGLY, may I repeat, JOKINGLY say "The phone must be very irritating hor hahahaha" (The laugh was really there) and the person was like "...not really"

So everything was going fine and they told me to call them back in 10 minutes while they checked so it was just like any other stock check there.

Then when I called back, another person picked up the phone, who I assume was the supervisor. She asked for my name and there was this pause while she said something inaudible in the background. This was how the conversation that ensued went:
She: Did you say anything to my staff just now?
Me: Yea... I asked her to check for the stock lor
She: No, as in before that
Me: Oh yea haha I just asked if the phone was being very irritating
She: Oh, but the reason why we did not pick it up was because we were BUSY, not because it's irritating that's why we never pick up
She: Yea but I'm trying to say that our staff here is very busy and cannot pick up the phone all the time. It's not funny at all.
Me: Oh... so you're offended... I'm really sorry (I WAS SINCERE FOR REAL)
And then afterwards she said they weren't done checking for the stock so I have to call back AGAIN. As if that didn't add on to the agony!

I was feeling so guilty and I told my colleague who promptly said "She so attitude, she last night never get is it!" LOLOLOLOL

 The worst part was when I finally called back for the third time, she said they didn't carry the stock, and when I replied with a "Thank you very much" SHE HUNG UP WITHOUT SAYING BYE!

Omg at first I felt really bad and really guilty for offending her unintentionally but that was the last straw that broke the cameltoe's back!


I don't get why she misunderstood what I had said to be offensive?! Really what! It's not like I was even ACCUSING her the tone was anything but accusatory!

And who said that I said they didn't pick up the phone BECAUSE I was being very irritating incessantly calling back? IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE ANY LOGICAL SENSE!

Bloody shit! It got me soooo pissed and the thing is I've already apologized but they're not taking any of that! I DON'T TAKE ANYONE'S SHIT OK!

I know the life of a cashier can be really boring and I am trying my best to lighten up the mood, not be a bitch, and try to cheer them up by joking around with them but NOOOOO

Apparently they think that some Chinese boy asshole by the name of Travis is spoiling their night playing a fool by being a fucking cheebye with an attitude!

GET A FUCKING SEAT! Even getting your supervisor into this?! What are you even gonna do? COMPLAIN TO YOUR STORE MANAGER ABOUT THIS?

I can't believe the staff at the Somerset outlet can be such bitches! JUST LIKE THEIR CUSTOMERS who Eva and Adeline would always complain about. At least the staff at Vivo City like to joke around too when I'm on the phone with them! Friendly people, I loike.

Mark my words when I say I will NEVER call the Level 1 staff anymore. I will call Level 2 instead. But it's not like it matters since I only have 2 days left working at this job, but still. SUCK ON IT I hope you'll never get promoted. BOTH OF YOU.

I also hope the supervisor gets food poisoning. Diarrhea-rate out the bitch within.

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