USA 2011 Part 2.1 -- I'M ON A BOAT ("I was on a boat" - Grammar Nazi)

For the second day that we spent in Nashville, as tourists, of course we have to go for the day tour! In addition to that in the night we also have a boat ride on this riverboat called the General Jackson, which is also a tourist attraction.

This is my breakfast for the day which was bought the day before. A honey bun! Which is seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever tasted but that shit was good. Totally worth the calories, and I don't even know why Lady Gaga threw it away in the Telephone video.

And furthermore it was cold! Like out-of-the-fridge cold because of the weather, which is a good thing because there was no mini-fridge in the hotel room.

So we used the weather to our advantage by putting things like orange juice, yoghurt etc on the window ledge to make it cold HAHAHAHA smart or what!

Here are some pictures taken while on the tour bus to our first destination. Surprise surprise, almost the entire bus was filled with old people. The only teenagers were Eva and I.

I don't know what this is, but I thought we'd be getting down here only to find out they were just gonna drive by it.


Check out the lulz advertisement on the bench

I forgotten what they are constructing but the place is going to be so big that it will only be completed in 2013 / 2014!

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Our first destination which is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!

Le ticket with Carrie Underwood being the only person I know there

Some pictures taken during the exhibition

Elvis Presley's Cadillac. Because we all know how relevant he is to country music.

Your best friend

Check this out y'all!

One of the many Elvis Presley records put on display. More than 6 million copies sold, action babi.

A recording studio which looks too complicated for me to comprehend

More records on display

Then we went back to the Ryman Auditorium which we watched the Grand Ole Opry at the night before. This time it's to ~learn about its history~ although I barely remember anything... but still.

This is me trying to act cool shit on the stage, only to look like I have a dick in my mouth.

The auditorium which isn't really that big

~Macam Church~

Hanky panky

Oh, Roy! Oh, Roy! ;) (I'm going to hell)

And believe it or not that was the end of our tour! LOL! Actually there was a tour guide with us on the bus who only briefly went through the history of some buildings and stuff but didn't get to go there. So we only managed to go to those 2 places, but it's good enough because for some reason, I can't for the life of me ever enjoy country music.

I took this picture while on the bus ride back to the hotel and this is a rather creepy picture for me because I can partially remember one of the dreams I had that I swear was at this exact place so I was all deja vu and shit!

There are actually many of the black pillars there with a year written on them and I can remember in my dream that the sky was orange, casting a lurid, misty glow everywhere. There were a lot of dead leaves on the ground which coincidentally were orange too!

And I can even remember that there were a lot of brooms around and I had to sweep them up for some weird reason. Strangely enough, I even had some of my friends there sweeping with me too.

I don't know what's creepier - the deja vu moment or dreaming about being a road sweeper.

Looks like a sacred holy place where sacrifices are made but not really

When we were dropped off we went sightseeing around town and decided to drop for lunch here:

Margaritaville, which I may or may not have taken a sip or two or ten of. Ahem.

The waitress who led us to our table didn't know where Singapore was! We said it was located in Asia. (Insert YOU DON'T SAY? picture here LOL.) But I also went on further to say that it wasn't located in China so it's all good, it's all good.

There was also this nice lady in stilts walking around folding balloon hats for us... and guess what!

She made one for me, the only Asian with a balloon hat in the restaurant! Ok, to be fair we were the only Asian ones there but still. And she knows where Singapore is. Plus, she's hot. So yay.

Come to think of it, it looks like a penis. Which would therefore make my head the scrotum. Lovely.

This is Eva's classic steak

Her mother's clásico americano cheeseburger

And this is my big plate of Surf n Turf! 

The vegetables sucked really badly though. Also, I thought the yellowish ball on top of one of the shrimps was something nice and edible as a whole, so I tried a rather big piece. As it turns out, it's garlic. FUCK MY LIFE. 

The beef and shrimp was fantastic though, to the point where I don't care if it is fattening or not.

After our meal the waitress even asked us if we wanted cheesecake for dessert when we were already bloated as hell! My goodness! In fact, they even asked if we wanted any starters at first. 

I can never get myself to finish a 3 course meal in America, seriously. Maybe I can, but I'll be so disgusted with myself afterwards that I'll have to go to the toilet to voms my noms.

We also saw these the moment we stepped out of the restaurant!

The woman at the right looks creepily like Smosh's Ian's mum.

Kawaii ne! Look at the tiny one! 

Afterwards we dropped by American Apparel where I bought 2 M-sized T-Shirts that I regret buying because they are too big!!! I have overestimated my fatness... (Note to self: ALWAYS TRY THE CLOTHES BEFORE BUYING)

We also dropped by some souvenir shops to buy nonsense like fridge magnets that my mother is obsessed over. 

There also happened to be this little bitch manning this roadside stall selling caps whom, upon seeing us, promptly put her hands together, bowed and be all "Ni hao!" and shit. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-

Then since we were so free we decided to find our way to the Greyhound bus station by foot so that we'll know where to go there and how far it is because we'll be going somewhere else via the station the next morning! ooOOoooOOooo

As it turns out, it was a fucking long walk. 

We even had to walk up this stupidly steep slope for fucking eternity while at the same time tackling one of the strongest winds I've ever experienced. Like gurl, my hair be all ova my face! My scarf be smacking ma face!


This hilarious car right outside the station which, as we would find out later, would turn out to belong to guess who? An Asian woman!!! Evidently proud of her roots, and by roots I mean bamboo shoots. ~I am lame beyond wurds~
As if things wouldn't get anymore stereotypically lulz, the woman at the bus station was named SHANAY as her name tag would have it! She looked half-black though.

And about that silly phallic-looking balloon, I thought I would be able to find a child who would want to have it but unfortunately I did not so I ultimately threw it away in the rubbish bin. What a waste! 

Anyway it kinda unraveled itself because on the way there the wind was so fucking strong it literally flew around from side to side, and there may or may not be an image of a swinging penis in your mind right now.

Later in the night like I mentioned we went on the General Jackson boatride for our dinner. The bus that took us there only had us, another couple from Illinois who happened to have also went to the Grand Ole Opry, the day tour with us AND stayed in the same hotel as us as well as another young couple from Switzerland where the dude kinda looked like Russell Brand.

Check this out y'all

While we were having our meals we also had musical performances so it was pretty cool. Unfortunately my back was facing the stage so I had to keep turning and turning and turning and turning

Some salad which tasted amazingly fresh

Beef short ribs for our main which was a tad too salty for me, but quite nice.  Believe it or not, that fancy looking shit at the top right is actually a roasted potato! Are you puking rainbows yet?

Dessert which was an apple strudel with some other stuff I can't remember. Definitely low-cal!!! Very sour though, didn't enjoy it that much.

Some photos of the sexeh performances

They sang Christmasy songs since it was right around the corner

The old man there was an audience member, who if I'm not wrong was celebrating the 60th anniversary of his marriage! Damn hilarious how the singers acted seductive and shit in front of his wife.

During the whole time we were seated with the couple from Illinois again (as luck would have it) and another one from either Texas or Louisiana, can't remember which one again. They're all nice and really sociable people. We shared with them things about Singapore and they shared with us things about their country too. 

So as a whole, we couldn't have spent this day any more touristy than it was and on the return trip the couple from Switzerland decided to sit all the way at the back so I suspect some heavy sexy sexy action going on there!

It's the last full day we spent in Nashville but it was not our last night there! Because we spent the whole of the next day in... MEMPHIS!

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