Sorry for the lack of updates recently again!!!

I know I should've done a CDotM post last Saturday but I didn't even have anything to post so there isn't one for this month. How money-saving!

I also have to do up all my enrolment crap, order my MacBook from NP because it's compulsory for all media students and other stuff.

But yesterday I spent my night with the part-timers from my workplace so it was pretty fun! Maybe when the pictures are uploaded onto Facebook I can post them up here as well soon.

And since it's my day off and I am so free I'll spend the time to continue drafting up my posts during my USA trip 10 years ago!

While I still have the time to blog I shall share what might be one of the most retarded moments in my life that happened yesterday.

I was working and talking to Taufiqah with Desmond and Vivian when suddenly she points to her feet and says "Eh nice or not? $1.90 only leh from Uniqlo!!!" while pulling up her socks at the same time.

Then immediately I yelled in shock "ONLY $1.90?!?!" and she was like "Yea it was on sale but they hide it at a corner so nobody can see!" and I immediately spasmed at the thought of buying shoes for $1.90, and so we decided to change our lunch location from Far East Plaza to the ION basement.

I marched all the way to the fitting room to tell Xaviera in the most confident manner, "Later we MUST go to basement to eat!" and she asked why. I was like "BECAUSE UNIQLO HAS SHOES FOR ONLY $1.90!!!" and she was like "Ok ok ok!!!"

I was so stoked at the thought of it but after a while when Xaviera was walking past me she was like "Travis you are a FUCKING idiot!" and I asked why.

As it turns out...

IT WAS THE SOCKS THAT WERE $1.90!!!!!!!!!!



Turns out the shoes were from fucking VANS! But the sneakers looked so basic and totally looked like something Uniqlo would sell IF THEY EVEN SOLD SHOES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Wa I am a fucking RETARD!!!!!! I suspected it was too good to be true but I only remained skeptical for 5 seconds! $1.90 SHOES. SERIOUSLY SLAP MYSELF.

On that embarrassing note, I shall end off this post. But at least this has made me save $2. 

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