I am an embarrassment to mankind ~My trip to JCube~

So a new mall is now open at JE and it's called le ~JCube~ which, surprise surprise, looks like a cube! And I went there today!

Actually that's mainly because it has the nearest cinema ever since the one at JP closed for renovation. I watched The Hunger Games with Eva and Desmond! There were some parts that my low-IQ mind couldn't comprehend so hopefully I'll figure it out when I read the book. (On top of 4 other books still left unread)

Anyway J Cube like nothing special leh! It's just like any other regular mall I guess. Except everywhere you walk is going to be shit crowded on weekends because everywhere is so bloody narrow which I guess the mall compensated for giving high ceilings but MEH

At least with this mall here maybe it will lessen the crowds at the town area ah. Except maybe Lucky Plaza.

The only highlight is pretty much the ice skating rink just like the time before they closed down the mall that was there. I still miss the $1 Taiwan sausages sold on the first floor ;(

And the thing about the new ice skating rink is that... it is embarrassment on top of embarrassment. People from all over the mall can fucking see you.

OMG LOOK AT HOW PACKED THE VIEWING GALLERY IS!!! And it's not just there! Even the restaurants provide see-through glass panels just so that you can dine while laugh at the others' predicament!

The theater is also located conveniently right beside the viewing gallery so if you're waiting to see your show, it's alright! Here are some people falling while skating!

And the shit part is that you literally hear people going "OH!" every time somebody falls. With that said, I'm one of the guilty ones. But who is willing to strip themselves of any shame and attempt to ice skate while clutching onto the rail for your dear life when you know that the entire mall is probably staring at your ass right now?!

This also gives an opportunity for people I like to call douchebags who have the time of their lives showing off their 1337 ice skating skills. Like with the bitch face that says "ALL YOU SUCKAS BE LOOKIN AT ME". I pointed my middle finger at one of them from up there. I FEEL SO INFERIOR ;_;

There was also this really lulz store that is some sort of 4D roller coaster thing so you go in and wear glasses that will show you scary ghost images popping up in your face or something like that. For 4 minutes. For $7! I know right?

But the worst part was that people were standing outside, watching from a screen that shows what's going on inside so you can be secretly fapping in the backseat and be caught on camera. You're spending $7 to get a mini-heart attack AND be judged by people at the same time!

Anyway I was really retarded at the cinema because I couldn't find any indication that says what halls are available for seating already so I just went to the hall and passed the person at the entrance our tickets, thinking that we can be seated already. I was wrong! Turns out they were still cleaning the place.

So after they told us we could be seated already I asked them how we're supposed to know and apparently there's a screen outside. To which I exclaimed "Oh so we're retarded!!!" sigh

I bumped into Miss Teo with Miss Cai and the former couldn't recognise me until I stared at her straight in the face LOL.

I also saw an ex-schoolmate (hint: KIMOCHI) who I did not want to see as well as any other ex-schoolmate in general especially in public so we immediately turned around, walked the opposite direction and I was shouting "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" like an idiot. Whoopsie.

And this was how my eventful day at JCube went. In other eventful things here are some memes that Edrie did for me:

(RE: Upcoming Speech Day)

and the last one easily takes the cake...



These are the best friends that I have everybody

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