USA 2011 Part 3.0 -- Paying my BFF a visit

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On the 4th day into our trip we decided that since Nashville was near Memphis, why not?

As you may or may not know Memphis is also where Elvis Presley's home is which has also turned into a tourist attraction. Of course must go la! Plus, Memphis is full of my favourite African American people so it makes it all the more better.

So we made our way to the Greyhound bus station reaally early in the morning. Remember how we tried to walk there by foot the previous day? Yea, it was so far and we couldn't be bothered so we just took a cab there instead LOL

While waiting at the station I had a croissant at the station where Eva and I were sitting behind this other guy (bonus points if you can guess the race) who was really nice and asked us if we were Korean because he was apparently learning that AND Japanese.

When we said our first language was English he went all shocked and said "Seriously?!" LOL. He wasn't the first American to react that way though.

Then when we were queuing at the entrance this group of people (bonus points if you can guess the race again) upon finding out that we were from Singapore asked how the people of Singapore say "How are you?". Our reply was "How are you?" LOL! What ensued was them going apeshit.

~Singaporeans educating foreigners about Singapore one human at a time~

Meanwhile here are some ~scenic~ pictures taken while on the bus:

Bon appetit

(The temperatures are all measured in Fahrenheit so the 20 degrees is really -7 degrees C. I know.)

Taken during the stop at another station. Macam artistique, and taken using the iPhone some more

After a short cab ride we reached Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley!

Well, honestly, I never really gave a fuck about Elvis but it's always nice to learn more about people. Talk about being condescending.

Le entrance

There were a lot of exhibitions and tours that you can go there but I think the most interesting one is the tour of his house and all that because it even comes with an audio tour that really talks about Elvis, his lifestyle and all that. The rest simply exhibit his 10 000 cars, clothes, achievements and shows.

His living room with a lit Christmas tree to celebrate the festivity that was around the corner

The master bedroom

The dining room. I've always liked the oval-shaped dining tables that look so grand with the chairs and the chandelier. I will totally wanna get something like that in my future home because I am a pretentious fucker.

The kitchen. I believe the stove has always been clean because Elvis comes across as a person to me who wouldn't cook, and the only reason he would go into the kitchen is to open the fridge and get himself a beer, after which he'll be like "Bitch, go make me a sandwich" or something like that.

This is the... TV room or something, but I am creeped out by that scary animal statue there.

A blurry picture of the pool room, but at this point I was like what the fuck is wrong with this guy because even the CEILING is carpeted!

Another irritating room called the "Jungle Room" which also has green carpets on the ceiling, along with more of the creepy statues AND a creepy panda there. With a fountain on the wall. What... a show off.

The room doesn't even have any significant purpose. It's just... there. Like a room you'd make in Habbo Hotel.

A firing range

And who would have thought that I'd actually get the chance to see a celebrity there in the flesh?! 

Guest appearance by Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!!

Some of his many awards and achievements

More of his many awards and achievements

Mother of god

After walking through the walk of shame knowing you'll never be as successful as Elvis, we entered this room with a collection of many things like paintings, clothes etc etc

A croissant-shaped swimming pool... which is something I will never have... or will I?

Fuck off (Bonus points if you can find the crooked one on the wall. How many points do you have now?)


My dead BFF...

I like how the birth year and the death year have the same digits #4D

Squirrels which I'm sure Katniss will come shoot them right in the eye every single time (Sorry but I just watched the hunger games after all)

Then we stopped by somewhere to have our lunch which was a little bit pricey which we all know is obviously not what you would expect at a tourist attraction

I had the chicken tenders sandwich I think which tasted pretty ordinary and I thought the buns were dry a well so it was dry on top of dry. I loved the coleslaw a lot though. See? I'm letting you know what's shit so you don't have to if you ever come here.

What I really liked was their meatloaf sandwich though which Eva got because that shit was GOOD. I regretted not buying that.

After that we made our way to this huuuuuge dark place that focused entirely on showing off Elvis'...

Fucking cars. Like you're not starting to hate him already.

He actually had a lot more than that but it was really boring yet everybody was trying to act like they're so fascinated by it. Okay maybe I was. Or not.

What I was fascinated by though, or at least seemingly in pictures, is this plane named after his daughter whut whuuuut

Me acting like I'm so excited while gloriously photobombed by Eva's mother

Ok la actually the interior is nothing very extravagant but it did have really expensive leather seats as far as I can remember.

And that is all I have for pictures because the other exhibits we went to were once again talking about his history and stuff so it will bore the fuck out of you if I posted them here.

Trivia time!!!

Did you know that Elvis' death is said by some to be faked? They said that he feigned his death, changed his face and all that and is now living life as a completely different person because he wanted to escape from all this celebrity shizz especially given how Elvis really was pretty damn huge during those days.

And I guess you can see that even from the pictures of his ridiculously retarded house, it doesn't seem like one would be very happy living there isn't it. I mean, come on, carpeted ceilings? And what is he gonna do with so many god damn cars?

Segue picture

So after our tour we decided to head down to Beale Street which is another place tourists would go mainly because of its clubs and restaurants but we were quite surprised to find that the place actually turned out to be rather empty

I have to say the place looks really nice though, especially later at night when the neon signboards really light up the street.

Behind me in the picture were some stunt performers who you must never make eye contact with because they will first perform this amazeballs stunt, look at somebody in the eye, and immediately rush to them hoping for a tip.

Don't get me wrong, I gave them USD1 already! But when they made eye contact with me for the second time and started running towards me AGAIN I was like oh no you didn't!

At least they still said thank you even though you don't give them any money. If this were to happen in Singapore they'll probably spit in your face then proceed to kick you in the balls.

A live band performing oooOOoooOoo

Some event going on at the FedEx forum ooOOoOoooOoo

Probably one of the reasons why this place is popular among tourists. If you can see it. ;) (+ Bonus points!)

Watch out, Edrie

We actually weren't that hungry but we decided to spend time in this bar which was quite empty before heading back to the station and we ordered this!

Which is half a roasted chicken with coleslaw and baked beans. Loved it.

And this is how the street looks like when it gets dark!

As you can see the street is still quite empty which was really puzzling.

We asked the taxi driver later on and as it turns out, since we went on a Sunday, everyone was already knocked out on Saturday night after getting drunk and doing a little bit too much of cracky wacky, if you know what I mean ;)

When we arrived at the station there was still plenty of time left so I did a little photoshoot outside doing ridiculous shit like this:

And there's a lot more from where that came from which you will ~not~ want to see, hun.

To further prove that I am retarded I saw someone who had a fur wrap (faux or not, I don't know) around him and I thought it was a dog so I was like "Omg that dog is so cute!" until he then flipped it to the underside and I was like oh.

I took this picture to show you the picture of this person chillaxing over there. It's funny because after Eva's mum saw that, she said

"Hoi gum fei orh liu tai m dou gor di dick!" in Cantonese.

Which translates to "He's so fat, when he's peeing he can't see the dick!"


I am so going to hell.

But at least I'm promoting religious harmony by saying now that I saw 2 different billboards during the journey to Memphis promoting 2 websites, namely and Have fun, everybody.

I shall end off with this picture, which sends out a very strong message to all Singaporeans that even though I am Chinese, which takes up majority of the population in Singapore, (cue hysterical sobbing),

I know how it feels, ;_; be a minority in a country.

And I'd like to clarify that I don't hunch my back like that all the time. You orh liu tai m dou gor di dick.

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