My classmates killed me

I have to share every embarrassing situation that has happened to me here because I keep thinking that if I read it some time later it'll be funny. No luck so far!

So we were having class and I was sitting beside Nicolene who was having a lot of fun stalking other people's Facebook accounts, looking at all of their past photos.

She then proceeded to type "Travis" in the search bar, but paused for a while and unexpectedly exclaimed "LET'S GO TO TRAVIS' BLOG GUYS!!! GO TO MEATPAO.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!"


Within minutes half the class was reading my blog and I was hiding at the back of the classroom in a corner, pretending I didn't exist.

SO PAISEH!!!! It's not like I even said shit about anyone here but it's just weird la!


To rub salt into the wound, after class when we were in the lift going down, the moment the lift door opened everybody shouted out "MEATPAO.BLOGSPOT.COM" AGAIN (good grief) which caused some people passing by to get the shock of their lives HAHAHA

Thanks guys I love you all a lot for helping me promote my blog <3 One day if this ever becomes big I shall be like Famous Amos and claim that I became popular through "word of mouth", if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)

May I present to you my embarrassing classmates (including myself):

(They were playing that dancing game on Kinect)

Put me on 9gag because I can make you gag, baby. 9 times.

I met up with Edrie and Sophia a long long time ago and created this which I shared on Twitter and Facebook:

I look so unglam that this picture isn't even halal

Anyway, what the fuck, McCafe? Is there a way to order a "Rasp DIVA cake" without cracking up? It sounds hilarious.

I was loling with Edrie in front of the counter while getting judged by the cashier (outfit didn't help) until I finally mustered the courage to say "Can I have the... rasp............ cake..... diva thing?" HAHAHAHAHA if only I wasn't craving for dessert that night.

So when we went back I decided to do the above pose to represent the diva-ness of the cake which, by the way, wasn't really that nice. (the cake not the pose)

The creation of this masterpiece comparable to the Mona Lisa (with that said I'll be rich when I'm dead) is inspired by my 2 fellow JC friends who were, at one point during our meetup, engaged in a heated discussion about their PW thing which I really couldn't be bothered about so I just rested my head on my arm pretending to listen to them.

Then at the end of it all during the awkward silence I was like "Meanwhile in Poly" HAHAHAHAHAHA then we were like OMG WE SHOULD MAKE A PIC and we thus decided to use my very heterosexual diva picture.

Surprisingly this got 77 likes on Facebook and 17 shares!!! We're famous!!!

I found it so funny how the friends of the people who shared it were commenting on it saying how "FAAAAAKE I'M MUGGING LIKE A RETARD NOW" and I have a feeling that seniors who saw this must be like "Hahaha this bitch gon eat his words soon"

It's quite depressing to know that our sense of humour is not on the same wavelength as others'.

Eh honestly really very funny what! I was laughing to myself while creating this picture which is creepy on all levels but that's not the point.

When I think about you I touch myself

This is an accurate representation of my life since I've last blogged

I will make an effort to blog this weekend... I may or may not promise you

In a (reaaallly huugeee) nut... shell

I guess everybody who enters a polytechnic usually expects it to be "very slack" (they say one not I say) compared to a JC since that's what everybody seems to be telling me but I didn't buy any of that shit.

Yea it's getting rather busy right now but I'm coping well with it! That's mainly because I don't have much of a social life BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT

With every student who is exposed to a new environment I think there comes that awfully common complaint about how different it is and I can totally relate to that because coming from a really small secondary school, I was not ready for this shit. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT JWSS (I keed) (Or am I?)

This school is big as hell. Not just big as hell, but also competitive as hell. To say hell is an understatement in itself. It is competitive as fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk.

Back then nobody wanted a CCA. Now eeevveerryyone wants a CCA, which also happens to be a CCA you really want too, which usually for me would be something relatively easy to get back then. Not here!

I auditioned for, surprise surprise, the hip-hop CCA but this picture is a good depiction of how everything went:

(In a shocking Final-Destination-esque revelation, all 6 of us here, including the photographer, did not make it through)

I also auditioned for radio (Although that technically isn't a CCA) and surprise, surprise, I got rejected for it too! To add insult to injury I knew the results for both CCAs on the same day, so that was pretty hard to take.

I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS SHIT! What did they have that I didn't? Do I need to sacrifice my virginity? Do I have to dye my pubic hair purple? Do I have to boil an eyelash in a pot full of armpit sweat and drink the resulting concoction?

These are the questions you start to ask yourself when faced with such immense rejection. Or maybe it's just me.

I guess Tina Fey was right when she says shit really gets down when you put too many like-minded crazy people together.

Moving on, here is a quick summary of some other things that I've experienced so far in school:

- I have awesome classmates (T105 whut whuttttt)

- I got into the final round of scholarship interviews (which happened yesterday)

- I now have a photo blog for one of my modules! (click, bitch) How pretentious is that?

- I got intooooo piano club as my CCA. Did I mention I know nothing about playing a piano?

- Any teacher who has said that "I would go far in life" was obviously lying because they haven't seen the people who I am actually schooling with

- I failed to make it past the first round in being my school's next fresh face (who would appear in the brochures and stuff next year) so that's pretty sad

- I spent $20 on my first ever cab fare to school from Lakeside MRT station because what was seemingly a "10 minute delay" that day ended up going on to become a further "20 minute delay" so it's all your fault, SMRT.

- While we're on the topic of losing money I also lost $20 in a Mahjong game because one of my coursemates decided to conveniently win with a 13 Wonders hand so it's all your fault, Blair, for throwing that fa cai.

- We made a prank call to Steven Lim about Abercrombie & Fitch wanting to feature him as a model in a new underwear line called "Puppy Love" as spontaneously made up by Shiori. I told them to say Hang Ten so it'll be more believable they don't want lor

- I'm actually learning hip-hop now for one of my modules so we'll see how that works out for me (having fun so far while dancing as badly as Britney Spears at the same time)

- Each passing day becomes increasingly harder for me to keep up with everyone's social progression (this is the predicament of a loserish media student)

- I took up Japanese lessons which are bloody fun!

Just today before we ended class my sensei went to lock one of the two classroom doors. What ensued was me exclaiming "Oh no!" because I was dead sure we were gonna get kidnapped.

He proceeded to open the other door and sat beside it, saying we can't go home unless we recite the 7 days of the week in Japanese. Woah, we got a badass over here (Thank you Crystal Kay for Delicious na Kinyoubi because that gave me one less day to memorise)

In all seriousness I'm really enjoying poly life so fucking much right now that I'm so glad I didn't succumb to the pressure and went to a JC. Always go for what you like everybodeh!

Can't really think of anything else to say now but I'll definitely keep this blog updated regularly still so please don't run away! Of course I'm talking to all 2 of you.

Meanwhile here are some of the 10 000 photos taken during this past month (Shit really starts gets down once you have photobooth)

God dammit, Angus

Me being very amazed at how much more attractive I (think I) look after putting on a hat

Taken while waiting for my scholarship interview yesterday in which I spent a large part of my time there highlighting the differences between the industries of J-Pop and K-Pop to all the big shot people of NP LOL

CDs of the month! (#27)

Today is Vesak Day. Therefore I feel very enlightened today.

I find it very funny how opposite my house there is a Chinese funeral going on at the multipurpose hall when at another MPH in close proximity holds a Malay wedding.

(2012.04.11) Perfume - Spring of Life (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Perfume's latest single which comes at a very appropriate time and aptly titled because they had a label switch!!! Dance for joy!

I love that they're back with a slightly harder (that's what she said) and edgier sound which was something that their stupid ex-label didn't want them to have. The sales for this single was also amazing (shove it up your arse Tokuma) so I am very happy for them!

I can totally tell that they're going to be a huge hit here in Singapore because even Fann Wong decided to emulate Nocchi's hairstyle in the recent Star Awards 2012. Ur hur hur.

(2012.03.21) ayumi hamasaki - ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION

DVD of Ayu's arena tour last year. I feel kind of bummed that Taiwan has yet to start producing blu-ray copies of these (I'm a tightarse) because I think it would have looked much more orgasmic.

And speaking of orgasmic, this whole DVD is orgasmic. Granted, Ayu's vocals are still pretty shit despite the shitloads of editing but as a whole the show really had great meaning and it was nice hearing some of her older songs here again. Like Born To Be... which I love so HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!

One thing I liked about this tour is that she FINALLY decided to experiment with rearranging her songs for tours. I loved the rearranged songs so much (like M, vogue, Mirrorcle World just to name a few) and I hope she ever does them again.

And that's about it for this month's miserable CDotM!

I don't think there will be one next month because there aren't any good releases this May but we'll see how it goes la. Maybe I'll talk about something else instead or continue pretending like this blog never existed LOL.