In a (reaaallly huugeee) nut... shell

I guess everybody who enters a polytechnic usually expects it to be "very slack" (they say one not I say) compared to a JC since that's what everybody seems to be telling me but I didn't buy any of that shit.

Yea it's getting rather busy right now but I'm coping well with it! That's mainly because I don't have much of a social life BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT

With every student who is exposed to a new environment I think there comes that awfully common complaint about how different it is and I can totally relate to that because coming from a really small secondary school, I was not ready for this shit. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT JWSS (I keed) (Or am I?)

This school is big as hell. Not just big as hell, but also competitive as hell. To say hell is an understatement in itself. It is competitive as fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk.

Back then nobody wanted a CCA. Now eeevveerryyone wants a CCA, which also happens to be a CCA you really want too, which usually for me would be something relatively easy to get back then. Not here!

I auditioned for, surprise surprise, the hip-hop CCA but this picture is a good depiction of how everything went:

(In a shocking Final-Destination-esque revelation, all 6 of us here, including the photographer, did not make it through)

I also auditioned for radio (Although that technically isn't a CCA) and surprise, surprise, I got rejected for it too! To add insult to injury I knew the results for both CCAs on the same day, so that was pretty hard to take.

I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS SHIT! What did they have that I didn't? Do I need to sacrifice my virginity? Do I have to dye my pubic hair purple? Do I have to boil an eyelash in a pot full of armpit sweat and drink the resulting concoction?

These are the questions you start to ask yourself when faced with such immense rejection. Or maybe it's just me.

I guess Tina Fey was right when she says shit really gets down when you put too many like-minded crazy people together.

Moving on, here is a quick summary of some other things that I've experienced so far in school:

- I have awesome classmates (T105 whut whuttttt)

- I got into the final round of scholarship interviews (which happened yesterday)

- I now have a photo blog for one of my modules! (click, bitch) How pretentious is that?

- I got intooooo piano club as my CCA. Did I mention I know nothing about playing a piano?

- Any teacher who has said that "I would go far in life" was obviously lying because they haven't seen the people who I am actually schooling with

- I failed to make it past the first round in being my school's next fresh face (who would appear in the brochures and stuff next year) so that's pretty sad

- I spent $20 on my first ever cab fare to school from Lakeside MRT station because what was seemingly a "10 minute delay" that day ended up going on to become a further "20 minute delay" so it's all your fault, SMRT.

- While we're on the topic of losing money I also lost $20 in a Mahjong game because one of my coursemates decided to conveniently win with a 13 Wonders hand so it's all your fault, Blair, for throwing that fa cai.

- We made a prank call to Steven Lim about Abercrombie & Fitch wanting to feature him as a model in a new underwear line called "Puppy Love" as spontaneously made up by Shiori. I told them to say Hang Ten so it'll be more believable they don't want lor

- I'm actually learning hip-hop now for one of my modules so we'll see how that works out for me (having fun so far while dancing as badly as Britney Spears at the same time)

- Each passing day becomes increasingly harder for me to keep up with everyone's social progression (this is the predicament of a loserish media student)

- I took up Japanese lessons which are bloody fun!

Just today before we ended class my sensei went to lock one of the two classroom doors. What ensued was me exclaiming "Oh no!" because I was dead sure we were gonna get kidnapped.

He proceeded to open the other door and sat beside it, saying we can't go home unless we recite the 7 days of the week in Japanese. Woah, we got a badass over here (Thank you Crystal Kay for Delicious na Kinyoubi because that gave me one less day to memorise)

In all seriousness I'm really enjoying poly life so fucking much right now that I'm so glad I didn't succumb to the pressure and went to a JC. Always go for what you like everybodeh!

Can't really think of anything else to say now but I'll definitely keep this blog updated regularly still so please don't run away! Of course I'm talking to all 2 of you.

Meanwhile here are some of the 10 000 photos taken during this past month (Shit really starts gets down once you have photobooth)

God dammit, Angus

Me being very amazed at how much more attractive I (think I) look after putting on a hat

Taken while waiting for my scholarship interview yesterday in which I spent a large part of my time there highlighting the differences between the industries of J-Pop and K-Pop to all the big shot people of NP LOL

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