Put me on 9gag because I can make you gag, baby. 9 times.

I met up with Edrie and Sophia a long long time ago and created this which I shared on Twitter and Facebook:

I look so unglam that this picture isn't even halal

Anyway, what the fuck, McCafe? Is there a way to order a "Rasp DIVA cake" without cracking up? It sounds hilarious.

I was loling with Edrie in front of the counter while getting judged by the cashier (outfit didn't help) until I finally mustered the courage to say "Can I have the... rasp............ cake..... diva thing?" HAHAHAHAHA if only I wasn't craving for dessert that night.

So when we went back I decided to do the above pose to represent the diva-ness of the cake which, by the way, wasn't really that nice. (the cake not the pose)

The creation of this masterpiece comparable to the Mona Lisa (with that said I'll be rich when I'm dead) is inspired by my 2 fellow JC friends who were, at one point during our meetup, engaged in a heated discussion about their PW thing which I really couldn't be bothered about so I just rested my head on my arm pretending to listen to them.

Then at the end of it all during the awkward silence I was like "Meanwhile in Poly" HAHAHAHAHAHA then we were like OMG WE SHOULD MAKE A PIC and we thus decided to use my very heterosexual diva picture.

Surprisingly this got 77 likes on Facebook and 17 shares!!! We're famous!!!

I found it so funny how the friends of the people who shared it were commenting on it saying how "FAAAAAKE I'M MUGGING LIKE A RETARD NOW" and I have a feeling that seniors who saw this must be like "Hahaha this bitch gon eat his words soon"

It's quite depressing to know that our sense of humour is not on the same wavelength as others'.

Eh honestly really very funny what! I was laughing to myself while creating this picture which is creepy on all levels but that's not the point.

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