Public Hair (May or may not be typo)

I just realised I didn't tell a lot of people this but I'm actually going to Ipoh, Malaysia with Eva and her fam in like 8 hours from now HAHA! It's not even a last minute decision the tickets were booked way back in February! Oh well, now you know.

I also finally got my hair re-permed today! My virgin perm was back in March and it lasted for a really short time cuz it's my first time so the hair was still quite "stubborn". Also I realised it's just not long enough to have the desired curls, so it ended up just being wavy.

I knew that for the past 1 month my hair was already back to its normal, straight state but I was still heavily in denial that it lasted so shortly so I just left it as it is. Until it became so badly uncontrollable that I couldn't even stop myself from looking like Steven Lim, as said by many others.

By the way so many people compared me to Steven Lim on Twitter that the ~famous celebrity~ himself tweeted to me "Hi lookalike" OH GOD WHY

Nonetheless I permed it again and it totally exceeded my expectations! It's like extreme makeover, but not really. But woah it was totally like what I thought it'd be lor! I loike. Okay then again I can't really make a fair judgement since the perm has yet to even relax itself LOL.

Meanwhile here are 2 photos out of many others during my narcissistic camwhoring session with Eva's dog

Quite funny how I look like a Korean wannabe when I never ever thought about being one HAHA. Actually the whole idea of perming my hair just came when the stylist who gave me a haircut many months ago just casually commented "Actually you should perm your hair leh" and I was like OHHHHH YEAAAA HAHAHAH.

To add on to the happiness my fringe is finally short again so I don't have to keep sweeping it to the side like a hobo.

ANYWAY there has been feedback ranging from me looking like a "Korean popstar" to looking like a "China man who just woke up, forgot to bathe then want to seduce his wife". Thanks ah Sabrina.

So yay overall I am still very satisfied and your negative comments are all IRRELEVANT! Hahahahahaha I'll hopefully take lots of photos over the weekend in Ipoh and blog about it when I'm back.  

p/s. Eva's parents told me just now that they're very concerned about my weight cuz I'm losing it at a really unhealthy rate, and tbh right now I'm not exactly at a healthy weight either. I don't even know what's wrong with my body! Can't say it's a totally good thing cuz it's quite scary lol! Oh well, my body fat percentage is still not going down so I dunno what's being lost and I shall therefore just die 

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