It is officially the 2-week ~term break~ which is really pointless because term break also like no break.

The assignments I have to do during these 2 weeks are incredulous!!! I guess the saying holds true when they say the school of FMS stands for Forever Missing Sleep. Personally I interpret it as Forever Motherfucking Sexy.

I think it would have been easier to handle if not for the fact that I have a 3-day camp next week (wouldn't be the first time for me to do my work after 10pm again I guess) and I'm also going to Ipoh over the last weekend of the term break!

So exciting because I can do my Digital Photography assignment there which focuses on People Photography. So of course taking pictures of lapsap people would be ideal.

I also have a debate to prepare for my Media in Society module where the motion states that "The Media influences society more than it reflects it" and I'm in the proposition team! Can't wait to get my ass kicked again!

Recently submitted my assignment for Digital Media Fundamentals too and I regret handing in relatively sloppy work which is my fault because I pretty much had the mentality of getting it over and done with while doing it. It's all because I saw my other coursemates' work which blew my mind away!!! So damn good! Nevermind I shall work hard next time like the inner mugger everyone claims I have.

Oh yea! I also got the NP Scholarship!!! Dance dance party party! I wanted to lay low about it but Meifang tweeted about it so everyone (by everyone I mean 5 people) knows about it already LOL. I also got into the Cristeiraisaidasi Program for the outstanding students! Must revoke my scholarship already because I can't even spell it right.

The others who didn't get the scholarship but was shortlisted for the interviews did get $50 though!

I am also once again struggling with my time management because I am back to having frequent, irregular naps AGAIN which I highly doubt is caused by my lack of sleep for the past 200 days.

Yesterday I slept for 10 hours through the night. Then at 4pm I slept till 6pm. Then at 7.30pm I slept till 8pm. Then at 8.05pm I fell asleep AGAIN till like 9.20pm. The saddest thing is that I still felt tired. What if I have leukemia oh nuuuuuuuuuu

The only thing you should know that's relevant to you is that I am back to working on my USA Trip posts from 1876! It's been a long time! Although my rate of work will be slower since I place greater importance in my schoolwork. *insert Clement and Blair calling me a mugger then giving me the judgemental mugger stare*

Here is a KAWAII-NE photo of me before I end

(the difference between an AD student, i.e. Ian at the back, and a dunno-what-he's-doing-here student)

p/s. Happy Birthday to BFF SOPHIA CHUA SHUFEI!!! Although her birthday just ended but ok. We bought so much shit for her and watched Madagascar 3! In sum: Our surprise failed, GV's new tickets suck balls, movie was naise, and Edrie and I went to the Vans warehouse sale afterwards where I was pretty much the minority, if you know what I mean.

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