USA 2011 Part 4.0 -- Baltimore with more Asians

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After spending our first 4 days in Nashville we would then head to Baltimore to stay for 10 days! That's right! But that's because Eva's aunt is residing there so we'll be staying at her house. So exciting!

Just kidding. She has 3 kids aged 3, 6 and 9 at that time so I expected beforehand that shit would definitely hit the wall.

That day also happened to be Eva's mother's birthdayyyyy!

Picture of cab interior which is redundant cuz it's so damn black

Had to wake up at 4.30am to catch the flight to Cincinatta before transitting to Baltimore but as luck would have it, the flight was delayed and will therefore clash with our second flight.

We ended up changing our flight to a 50-minute one to Memphis instead and then transit to Baltimore from there.

It was interesting to note that on the plane, majority of the passengers were white. Compared to when we took the bus there majority of the passengers were black. Talk about racial disparity oooOOooOOo it's like playing a game of reversi. (waiting for the stones to come at me)

It was also intersting to note that while transitting I ate a Starbucks cookie that was only slightly bigger than my palm and yet was 450 whopping calories which definitely helps my diet (helps in giving me more stuff to puke out) (just kidding)

At the pick-up zone where Eva's uncle Alan would pick us up. His kids are so blessed! They have like mini televisions strapped onto the back of the seats. *throws arms up in exasperation* AMERICANS! Philana are you reading this

But nothing could be more blissful than what I saw we were going to have for lunch

FINALLY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T 1000 CALORIES!!! (Though I think I did consume much more than that) 4 days is enough to make me realize that I cannot make it without my asian food. Come on, it's sweet and sour pork.

There is also this plate of fried chicken thing that looks like the Japanese karaage chicken but it's not. Apparently auntie May calls it "tian tian rou" (sweet sweet meat wtf) (sounds sexual) but it really is tian tian rou! There's no fat at all but yet is able to be crispy and tender! Must have been whatever they inject in their KFC chickens as well. But it's alright cuz it's good.

These are their cuuuuute kids!! Their only son, Brendan is at the back watching TV. Not only is he a Bobby Lee lookalike, but he is also a stereotypical Asian. I saw one of his test results and he scored a 100! I know.

Ur hur hur I'm so tall

Would these be... ORBS? ooooOOOoOOoooOoo

And would those be... CREEPY RED EYES? oooOoooOOOoo

ANYWAY we went out to a nearby shopping mall nearby called Arundel Mills. Well, from a Singaporean's perspective it's not actually nearby cuz it's like a 15-minute drive but for Americans that's pretty damn near.

My first reaction when I first saw it was... this mall is pretty damn huge. And it's only one storey! I swear the size of the entire mall is like the size of Singapore. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's impossible for you to shop and walk through the entire mall within a day.

The parking lot which is the size of Russia

Anyway we didn't do a lot of shopping since it's only our first day and we still have many more chances to go. But since it was Eva's mother's birthday we decided to head to the Red Lobster to celebrate!


Your best friends

Say hi!

My ~*sunset passion colada*~ which was so bloody sweet and kinda tastes like cheesecake which was weird.

Grilled Maine lobster with peppercorn sirloin MMMMMMMMM even I am making myself hungry typing this because being bulimic has made me so hungry and bitter. Ok I should stop making such insensitive remarks before NP revokes my scholarship LOLOL

Though honestly speaking... for a restaurant named Red Lobster the lobster portions aren't very big hor? Ok I'm just being greedy lol OK I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE FOOD THAT IS BESTOWED UPON ME!!


Eva's steak and fries. The former looks like it's really small because it's engulfed in the fries but both portion sizes are actually damn big.

What I noticed about aunite May's kids is that they looooove eating carbohydrates. They refuse to eat meat and would rather eat bread / biscuits / french fries! When I was their age I refused to eat rice!

Are these what they call... ORBS? ooooOOOoOooOoo btw it was drizzling

3 books I ordered from amazon prior to our arrival cuz shipping is so darn cheap eheheheh. All 3 books happen to be damn good. Can't wait for the film adaptation for Charlotte Doyle!


I slept at 10.30am and woke up the next day at 7 to a pleasant surprise!!!

Tell me that doesn't look good. The sugary crust on the outside was just too much to handle. I just can't. And it's so soft... anyway I think it tasted so good that I went back to sleep. ~*Healthy living*~

This day was just to really laze around and I even contemplated on getting a snuggie just because I saw an ad for it.

We did go to Walmart and Sam's Club to get some groceries. Once again, bloody huge and only one level. Interestingly I found out that when you buy some of the clothing there they even give the hanger to you!

Last 3 of the 6 books which I ordered at Amazon

And after a day of pretty much doing nothing the next day was already a week since we've arrived in the US!

We only went to Arundel Mills the entire day before going to a Vietnamese restaurant nearby for lunch where they served ridiculously big portions (oh, what a surprise) of food as you'll see later.

The exterior of the mall. You'll get lost even by walking around the perimeter! I think.

Big booty bitches

Another picture of the interior of Arundel Mills. I see some familiar people in there, if you know what I mean.

The picture definitely does not justify the actual size of the plate of this innocent-looking hor fun. This shit be lethal as hell. Just look at the proportion of the dish to the standard-sized tablespoon.

And may I present to you my bowl of beef pho, which may I emphasise wasn't even upsized (yes, you can even upsize it):

If that isn't crazy, I don't know what is. And these are probably the longest and thickest (that's what I said) beansprouts I've ever seen! Not to mention the soup is just so flavourful... unfortunately they put in a lot of beef tendon which I can never appreciate so I got chided for being wasteful LOL

Lol Pooh

Me dunno doing what holding my first ever $1 churro!!!

And here is another suggestive shot with my first ever $1 churro!!!

 Actually it's only nice on the first bite. After that I got bored of it already and just left it on the table. Plus, it's so damn long! (That's what I said)

This is their backyard where you can have easy access to your neighbour's backdoor if you want to be a creepy ass stalker.

Clearly, being in the US for one week and around so many small children was too much for me to handle.

Yep. Jump in my hoopdy hoopdy hoop.

p/s. Tomorrow is Father's Day!! I'm gonna get my father... oh wait. (doesn't even need a punch line) (My dad will not be proud of the above pic.)

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