Warped Dreams Episode 69

Like I mentioned 2 posts earlier, I've been taking really irregular, unnecessary naps for no reason. And I woke up from a 2-hour one yesterday night!

What did I gain from it? Pretty traumatizing memories from a really hilarious dream. I may have also sweated out the entire cup of soya bean I had before I slept.

Ok ok here are the exciting details! I remember we were apparently having a lesson with this female lecturer who is rather fat and has really short hair, wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt (some of you might know what's my other name for it) with shorts. And sandals.

Where? The notorious, infamous, block 50!!! Jeng jeng jeng!!!

She also expressed her immense fear for this building and said that she once had an ~encounter~. It didn't help that we were having our tutorial from 8pm-9pm. Earlier on I had checked out a camera for LocVid and left it below my table, which I foolishly forgot to take after the lecture.

The reason why I forgot is because the moment the clock hit 9pm the lecturer was like "OK BYE BYE!!" and quickly darted out of the classroom, followed by everyone else so I was panicking since nobody wants to be the last person in Block 50. I distinctly remember yelling after Sarah Ong because she was the second-last person before me.

It wasn't until it was like 9:57pm did I suddenly realise I left my LocVid camera in the classroom! Bloody shit! I immediately tried calling, of all people, Miss Hong, to no avail. So I called the next best person, who was Mr Tan! He picked up and best of all he was still in school!

So the two of us begrudgingly had to venture to block 50 to retrieve that one camera, which I was so dead sure was being fiddled around by the ghosts already. We entered the lift and pressed for the 7th floor.

The lift overshot and brought us to the 10th floor.

I was like "Shit wrong floor wrong floor! How to go down?" and Mr Tan walked out of the lift. We suddenly heard something fall and a baby crying!!! I asked "Is that a baby crying?!" and we all quickly ran back inside the lift.

The lift brought us back to the 1st floor and a pizza deliveryman stepped in. He was holding 2 boxes of pizza and also going to the 7th floor! I was like "Haha you think now got people meh if nobody there you give us for free ah haha."

The moment the lift door opened, the pizza man stepped out and was like "Hey! Here's your pizza!". Mr Tan and I were like oh shit and stepped outside to a horrific sight!

The people... or "things" we saw... were, to put it in the nicest terms, like taquitos with limbs. Reaaally thick, life-sized taquitos. We were like AHHHHHHHHH and ran back into the lift. Mr Tan said he will retrieve the camera tomorrow morning and that I won't be penalized whatsoever. Yay!

And that was my extremely warped dream. In retrospect, it's actually quite funny. This is one of the rare times I could actually distinctly remember what happened in a dream.

Or maybe... it was... not a dream. EHEHEHEHEHEHEH

p/s. Yesterday I was looking for retainer-cleaning tablets in Watsons (which I did not manage to find and I still desperately am) and one of the sales assistants was like "Want to buy facial wash? For pimple one" which I replied "Yea have already" and gave a condescending smile sigh WHY CAN'T I HAVE FLAWLESS SKIN

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