My neverending journey of chasing sleep + doing stupid shit

I am damn angry with myself.

Every time I sleep late because I'm doing work, I'll be like, "ok I have only 4 hours to sleep before I wake up and prepare for school and I will not be late!"

Guess what? Somehow my body is defiant as fuck and decides to ALWAYS have minimum 5-6 hours of sleep before it decides to conveniently wake up and make me late by making me actually forget that I turned off the alarm clocks. (YES I EVEN HAVE MORE THAN 1!!!)

And that is therefore why I actually woke up at 8am on Thursday when my WebGra class was at 9 (I slept at 3am) and had to end up taking a taxi to school! The best part was when I woke up I was still in my state of gong-ness so I stubbed my pinky toe really hard on the leg of my mother's bed on the way to the toilet, and I don't even stub my toe that often!

The bad news and the bad news was that my taxi fare was $21.30 and I was still late for WebGra anyway by like 20 minutes.

Later on that day I was at OurSpace with like 10 other classmates sitting down and I decided to take a nap. First of all, I fucking snored and apparently it was quite loud. And my mouth was open quite big. So now everybody will never look at me the same way ever again.

Secondly, the camera crew who are documenting something for NP50, NP's 50th birthday next year, fucking zoomed in on me SLEEPING and SNORING and apparently Nicolene and Robin who were beside me just giggled by the side AHHHHHHHHHHHH Kim was sleeping but she managed to get away scot-free!!!!

(I would later find out on Friday night that it was all a LIE! Sigh)

Then as I was on the bus home I was seated where I can't lean on anything to sleep so I ended up constantly swaying to the left side when I slept until I think nobody even wanted to sit there in the end.

Then I moved seats when the bus was at Lakeside MRT so that I can lean on the window to sleep. In the process I knocked my head on the ceiling in my state of gong-ness and got judged by this student who was sitting opposite me.

When the bus reached the interchange already at its last stop I was still freaking sleeping so thanks to the kindness of a stranger he nudged me and I woke up in time. As if my day wasn't embarrassing enough!! I wanted to go up to him and say thanks but he had a somewhat bitch face so thanks but no thanks.

In other embarrassing news, I was taking a shit in school and while I was shitting halfway I heard someone call my name in the toilet. It wasn't actually that scary, but I just got weirded out. Later that night they wanted to tell ghost stories so I told them that story. Daniel then promptly said "Oh it was me!" SIGH POTONG STIM!!!!

Anyway on Friday night we went all the way to Angus' house to give him a birthday surprise even though it wasn't even going to be his birthday LOL! His birthday is technically today but we'd all be too busy to celebrate so happy birthday Angus! It was damn funny because when he opened the door to his room where all of us were hiding he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Ikr?

Also yesterday was Edrie's birthday!!! We bought him so much shit, he better be appreciative!! He was so touched by me and Sophia's efforts he kept tweeting about it, that annoying fuck. Hahahahaha. Will probably post photos when I actually have the TIME.

Oh god why

I think this has probably been one of the busiest weeks I've ever experienced since poly life started and that means like, a lot. For the past 2 days I literally came home, plopped on my bed and instantly fell asleep. I don't know which is more disgusting - my behaviour or the fact that I'm dirtying my sheets so quickly with my sweat.

Today I showed my classmates my mother's eBay store and we found out that she was selling an XXL Cartier paper bag for 20 freaking dollars. I know right? So I called and asked her why she did that. As it turns out, it's because "you can only get the paper bag if you buy something there ma!" HAHAHAHA and she also added on that if my friends want it they can get it for a discounted price of... $15!!! Wow!!!

Anyway life so far has not been very smooth-sailing for me because I am getting results that I am not expecting myself to get. I think I can just settle for a GPA of 2.0 and I'll be satisfied already. Ok wait, I must be positive! That's what Kim has been emphasising on this entire week. SCHOLARSHIP REVOKE SUA

Too many things to do, too little time, and I'm sleeping for too damn long. I have a MEDSOC exam to study for, a 1500-word WRITCOM research essay to do, a 10-minute video production to make, a fully functional website to create from scratch and I have to go to a wet market early in the morning to come up with a photo essay. All these are like due within the next 4 weeks. Craaaazay!

The icing on the cake is how in between all these I also have to do preparations for an upcoming trip to China with the school for a ~Youth Enrichment Programme~ or at least that's what I think it stands for. I brought it upon myself since I signed up for it voluntarily so it's okay HAHAHA. So exciting because I never thought one day I'd actually go to CHINA.

In other exciting news, I'm losing my mind soon. So yup. Bye bye

A New Project: J-Pop KAMPAI!

As promised 3 posts ago, I have indeed opened up a new J-Pop blog which I have been wanting to start for a reaally long time now, and what better blog title to give than J-Pop KAMPAI! ?

This is of course inspired by everyone's favourite party queen, ayumi hamasaki who has made this word very popular among people like myself. I would later find out that "kampai" is a common misspelling for "kanpai" but ok.

You can go ahead and read my introductory post at and by then I'll already have my Namie Amuro experience post up there as well, along with my opinions on 2NE1's I LOVE YOU and the horrendous lip syncing going on in the video.

What I'll basically post there are new release information, my opinions on certain releases, album / single / DVD reviews and general news and happenings around the world of J-Pop.

I know that there are some people who come here to read my opinions on everything J-Pop but they tend to be brief since most people can't relate to that so the creation of this new blog basically puts my thoughts into greater detail and things like that. (I'm working on a review for Namie and Crystal Kay's latest albums to be published soon!)

I will also be making more detailed posts from my CDs of the month posts I have here where I'll be including pictures of the packaging instead of just the front cover.

However, I will still be making CDotM posts here on my personal blog just because. What would be the difference between the content posted here and on the J-Pop blog?

I will post the same things but generally when it comes to the things that bore you like CDs and all that, I will post detailed versions on the J-Pop blog because that's what I think my target audience would like.

However, when I post on events like the recent press conference with Namie in Singapore, I will usually have more information on my personal blog because I will type from a more personal experience / viewpoint such as the embarrassing case of running across the airport with Sibyl and stupid shit like that.

You'd notice in the J-Pop KAMPAI! post that I include none of those stories because the people obviously aren't there for those.

In short, don't worry about me compromising the content of this blog! This will still be my primary blogging platform and you can just treat J-Pop KAMPAI! as just another ordinary site.

If I do make updates there though I might just inform you in CDotM posts or something like that when I do reviews on CDs and stuff. If the site really blows up I might even go on to hold giveaway competitions that things like that. Just a long-term vision that I have, haha.

That's it! Do check out the site yea because Ayu looks ridiculous in my banner! KAMPAI!

Namie Amuro is Uncontrollably pretty

Namie fucking Amuro.

As if releasing a badass 20th anniversary album, Uncontrolled, wasn't enough, the Queen of Hip-Pop decided to attend press conferences around Asia to promote the album. And surprise surprise, it even includes Singapore!

I didn't know about this until Jiarong told me about it. In fact, Universal Music Singapore even set up a lucky draw where preordering the album entitles you to stand a chance to meet Namie Amuro for a "meet and greet"! (You'll see why I "" it later)

Immediately the next day I headed down to CDRama at Jurong Point to preorder 3 copies. Bam! (Someone bought 11!)

If you remember I also bought 3 copies of Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment to see him live but didn't win in the end so I was, as always, skeptic about actually winning this.

On the 5th of July UMS had already posted her flight details and everything. At first I wanted to go to the airport with Jiarong but he suddenly pulled out which is understandable because you are essentially travelling across the damn country, wasting hours of travelling time and energy just to see 3 seconds of Namie. So I went with Sibyl!

I was really anxious and scared that I would be late for Namie's arrival (at 6pm) so I kept rushing Sibyl which sent her nuts. I consoled myself saying that Hong Kong is having its typhoon season now so her flight will surely be delayed LOL.

Anyway, I ended up not being the only anxious one because the moment we arrived at Changi Airport Sibyl fucking RAN FROM THE MOMENT WE TAPPED OUT ALL THE WAY TO THE SKYTRAIN TO T1. I am going to fucking kill her because it was so embarrassing yet hilarious at the same time.

After arriving at TERMINAL 1 WE RAN AGAIN oh god. There was this other guy, assumably going to see Namie too who saw Sibyl run and sprinted all the way to the front as well, and he also looked hilarious running. Walao, imagine the security guards looking at the CCTV seeing 3 crazy people running across the damn place.

When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised by how there were very little people! I mean, compared to the number of people I had in mind la. I even bumped into a junior!! I think his name is Junyong or something. If anyone reads this tell him I said hi.

A lot of people brought their stuff for Namie to sign but I didn't! I was getting worried because the reason why I didn't bring anything was because I know Namie wouldn't do it. But what if she did? I should have just brought them in case!

I thought it was quite funny how I saw this auntie holding a non-Japanese press copy of SWEET 19 BLUES that looked like it's pressed in China. Don't scare Namie away gurl. And guys, her name is pronounced as "Na-mee-eh" not "Nami" lol

When I was standing at my position near the entrance, I turned around slightly to talk to Sibyl and this woman decided to take the opportunity to squeeze her way into my original position. FUCKING BITCH! She's lucky there was still space for me to be at the railing or shit is gonna get down. Shameless bitch even had the nerve to turn around, say sorry to me, then proceed to get her handbag from where she was originally standing. DIAF.

Anyway, putting aside my angst and OCD-ness, NAMIE FINALLY APPEARED!!!

Unfortunately, none of the photos I took had her inside. Fortunately, the video Sibyl took with my iPhone had her inside, and she waved at us!

My first thought in mind when I "saw" her was "what the fuck" (and I said it audibly loud, later you can hear in the video) because she was VERY TINY. I always knew she was short but fuck, she's damn petite!

I used inverted commas because you couldn't even SEE HER. Media personnel with their cameras up high were towering over her, and the bodyguards were surrounding her sides and back. It was like a fucking fortress surrounding her with an occasional thin arm stretching out to wave at us.

(as mentioned, you can hear my "what the fuck" after somebody's super high-pitched "OH MY GOOOOD")

After that this Japanese woman with a camera interviewed us but refused to tell us which Japanese channel she was filming for. I was like "NHK? NHK?" and she walked off. Sigh. Whatever, I think we're gonna appear on NHK!

I was so glad I got to see Namie for the first time ever! And we were quite close too! Even front row concert seats will never get me that close!!

I heard that before Namie landed there were some Japanese people who were curious and asked who they were waiting for. When they found out it was Namie they were so sad cuz they couldn't stay and wait for her! They said that we were very lucky because in Japan it'd be too crowded to even see her! YES MISS I AM VERY LUCKY DESU *bow bow bow*

Although I mentioned that Namie doesn't do signings she did sign somebody's poster at the other entrance, so I guess I'm slightly wrong. But hey, it's only one ok!!

Here's a random picture of Sibyl's "artsy" crayon artpiece at the airport

I probably should have mentioned this earlier in the post, but actually earlier on that day, I received a phone call in the middle of my WEBGRA lesson. That day was the announcement day of the lucky draw results.

This was how our phone conversation went (I was whispering under the table all the way):
Me: Hi!
UMS: Hi is this Travis?
Me: Yes
UMS: Are you having class now?
Me: Yes
UMS: Do you want me to call you back at a later time?
Me: Yes, can you call me back at 12pm?
UMS: Ok ok
Me: Wait! Who is this?
UMS: I am xxxxx from UMS
Me: Ok thank you bye bye! *hang up*
And I became so ecstatic. You can ask Angela who was sitting beside me. I didn't even want to listen during lesson anymore! During our 5 minute toilet break I called back and she said that there was going to be good and bad news. I immediately exclaimed "NOOO DON'T TELL ME I'M NOT GONNA MEET NAMIEEEEE" LOL

Anyway the bad news was that there wouldn't be an autograph session, which I couldn't give two shits about because I know she doesn't do that LOL. Instead of their purported meet-and-greet it turns out to be a press conference instead. A lot of people felt cheated that it wouldn't be a meet-and-greet but I think we should be happy that we're even given the chance to attend the press conference!

I later found out that there were only 20 people selected out of like, hundreds. This is probably the luckiest moment of my life!

On the day of the Press Conference itself I made my way to the undisclosed meeting place which was actually in front of Sweet Spot at Tower 3 of Marina Bay Sands! I even met this dude who was standing beside Sibyl and I at the airport! What a coincidence. So I kinda used that as a conversation starter to avoid awkwardness.

I was so excited even though it's only a press conference! We were given stickers with "Universal Music" printed on it and pasted on our clothes before we were brought up to the 57th floor at Ku Dé Ta where it's held.

As it would turn out the place was quite small and we were standing quite far back. It's alright cuz the view wasn't too bad and I was able to see her clearly!

Before she even came out I managed to get a glimpse of her (or rather, her flawless hair) behind a black veil that was somewhere behind the stage. I had a fanboy moment when I saw that and everybody stared at me after which I immediately acted like nothing happened to prevent shit from happening.

Meanwhile they were playing what seems like her media press kit on a television and it looked pretty good. I never figured who got to see those though since they aren't widely circulated but ok.

After she was fashionably late for like 20 minutes the press conference finally started! We all didn't freak out, but she noticed that I was waving at her and she waved back! Well, when I started waving everyone started to copy me but whatever!

The interviewer asked her all the same old questions that she's probably been asked again and again already so I shan't bother retyping everything here. She was also going to have chilli crab that night for dinner!

Posing for the media

Though it was only a short 30 minutes I was so happy to have finally seen Namie in the flesh! We were then brought back down where we all took a group photo that was posted on Universal Music Singapore's Facebook page!

Eat your heart out, woman who snatched my place at the airport!

Here's a short video I took of part of the interview hehehe

Aside from that, 2 of the people got chosen to be interviewed by RazorTV. Pui chao nua, why never interview me right? So I literally went to ask them after their interview "Why you interview them never interview me (sad face)" and I got interviewed together with this other guy with me HAHAHA YAY!

Wrong move because I am now on the RazorTV video and I look very embarrassing (link) Hi Travis why are you so embarrassing?

I really hope Namie does come back for a concert though. I can sense that she really loves Singapore already. I mean, come on, our airports had barricades in place for her!

The attendees were also given clear files with the Uncontrolled cover on it!

I don't know what else to say but I'm so happy to have been able to attend this so THANK YOU UNIVERSAL MUSIC SINGAPORE!!!

Some of them even stayed for a long time after the press conference in the hopes of seeing Namie and THEY DID! They even managed to snap a group picture with her, and seeing Namie actually taking pictures with her fans is pretty damn shocking to be honest. I feel so jealous, but I deserve it for not joining them... but it's okay, one day it shall be me that people will wait for hours for! Hahahaha stop judging me

On Saturday night it was "Amuro Night" at Dragonfly at the St James Power Station Crub but I am clearly underage so I didn't go... anyway Namie did indeed make a guest appearance there (it was supposed to be only her dance troupe) just like she did in Hong Kong. Sighhhhh

Anyhoo, this whole experience meeting Namie is just so cool. Although I've seen Lady Gaga live, after all, J-Pop is and always will be my first love. *cue Utada Hikaru's First Love* YOU ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE THE ONEEE IMAAAA WA ok I shall stop

Later that night when I attended Japanese class I told my sensei, "Sensei! Today I went to see Amuro Namie!"

Her face was immediately like :OOO "AAAAMMMURO NAMIE?! SHEEE'S IN SINGAPORE?!" and when people asked her who that is she started to sing Don't wanna cry omg damn cute! "She's a veeeery famous singer, can dance veeeeery well!"

She then went on to say how Sakurai Sho from Arashi came last week too and she didn't get to see him. She went to write Arashi on the whiteboard while singing the arashi arashi song. Sensei why so kawaii-ne?

The next day after the Press Conference The New Paper had an entire page on the it!!!

The best part of all is that I'm in it!!! Can't see is it?

Tada! That's my 1cm² of fame! Don't you like how I'm holding a pink camera which belongs to Sibyl

Meanwhile, The Straits Times only reserved a small pathetic corner for her with a very irrelevant title:

"Amuro wants to eat chilli crab" ok can

This is pretty much my experience with Namie Amuro in Singapore!

I'm glad that Singapore is getting greater recognition among the J-Pop stars and hopefully they'll start holding concerts here as well. They probably used to think that Singapore is some kind of 3rd world politically unstable mess where the people all speak Latin.

I shall end off with a message for Namie Amuro which will never be read by her NAKED eyes (har har har): NAMIE AMURO PLEASE PERFORM IN SINGAPORE FOR CONSAATO PRZ THANKS ;_; I WILL DELIVER A HUSBAND TO YOUR HOUSE (me) (ok now that's just creepy)

CDs of the month (#28)

I'm back for another CDotM after two months at last! Aren't you so excited?

First up I received Karmin's first ever EP, Hello. I'm a new fan of Karmin because Edrie introduced me to them and frankly, they're not bad so I decided to try out their new EP.

Of course, I made a foolish decision of buying it before listening to all the tracks because it's pretty shit.

Sorry, Karmin, but Brokenhearted was like the only really good song. And the entire flow of the album is just a mess on top of a mess. Sigh. No wonder everyone wants them to go back to doing covers again! It's quite sad, but as we look on the positive side, we have Brokenhearted out of it!

(2012.06.27) Crystal Kay - VIVID (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Just 2 days ago I received Crystal Kay's long-awaited new album, VIVID! It's her first full-length album since her label switch and you can clearly tell that she's heading towards a poppier sound which I am extremely grateful for.

The singles released for this album so far are so amazing, I feel so happy for her label switch, whether she's still flopping or not.

I haven't listened to the album tracks yet, but so far I have not heard a single bad review about this album. And trust me, J-Pop fans are anal as fuck (no pun intended). Some even dub it as her best album, so I can't wait to listen to it! I'll probably review it on an... *ahem* up-and-coming project you will know verrry soon. Actually I told you all about it already but I just like creating suspense.

Last CD of the month, which is none other than...

(2012.06.27) Namie Amuro - Uncontrolled (CD+DVD | First Press | Digipak)

Namie Amuro's Uncontrolled! Ur hur hur

I'm stanning so hard for Namie right now because of her being in Singapore and all. You cannot believe the amount of breaths I took today knowing we're breathing the same air.

Poster that came with the album

In other news, here's some random trivia!

Uncontrolled outsold the total sales of BOTH Party Queen (ayumi hamasaki) and JAPONESQUE (Koda Kumi) in only 2 DAYS!

The album sold 292k copies on its first week, making it the highest first week sales for an album released in 2012 and immediately skyrocketed to be the #7 best-selling album of 2012. In just 1 week! And this is like, her 20th anniversary! She's like Madonna without the scary arms.

Even though this is only my 5th year being a Namie fan I still feel very happy for her to have been able to achieve so much during the past 20 years. Even after the many controversies she's been through like getting tattoos, shotgun marriage, divorce, and things like that, she was still able to bounce back and become better than ever! Who would have thought Ayu would face a day like this when Utada Hikaru is on hiatus?

Plus, I'd like to applaud the promotional team for their efforts in hyping up this album leading to such a huge success for the album. Looking at this alone puts a certain peer's team to shame.

I listened to the album in its entirety and expectedly, once again, it's fucking amazing. She's never disappointed me since PLAY in 2007!

Although I preferred the original version of Break It I thought the album version helped it to flow better with the album. I also think the English versions of Go Round and YEAH-OH are hilarious. Aiya this album is A++++ la! No contest.

I still feel sad that I won't be able to see her perform in Tokyo Dome or something but I shall continue hopelessly praying that she will hold a concert here.

Meanwhile I hope everybody is enjoying their July because the fasting month is starting soon! Which means that in another month from then I'll be able to eat deng deng again ohohohohoho now I'm excited!

USA 2011 Part 4.1 -- Thanksgiving + Black Friday = Partay ay

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The next few days into the trip became pretty much like free and easy time which is great because everyone knows how much of a lazy fat ass I am so I spent most of my time downstairs in the basement playing Wii bowling.

But on Day 8 of our trip it was actually Thanksgiving! So exciting because it's my first time celebrating this occasion although in all honesty I can't be bothered about it.

So what did I do on that day? Absolutely nothing.

Yep, nothing.

Ok actually in the morning I played a bit of badminton and I am so good at the sport *ahem* that the shuttlecock flew all the way to the roof.

Yo baby waddup

I also managed to enjoy shitloads of goooood fooooood on this glooooriooouuuss occasion. I don't remember if I actually gave thanks on that day, but oh well, it's over anyway.

Ginormous crab legs

And that was the only dish I bothered to take a picture of. HAHAHA but if you actually care we also had pastries, pork and beef steaks (foodgasm) and potato salad made by Eva's mum which was SO GOOD. We also had a couple of... innocuous drinks, ahem ahem.

That was pretty much how we spent our Thanksgiving. I love food and therefore have discovered a new found love for this holiday.

Eva and I watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving that night! For once, we're not watching them 63 months late on Channel 5.

What auntie May and the rest were actually looking forward to was the Black Friday sales which always happens the day after Thanksgiving day and it's like the Great Singapore Sale, except it lasts for only 1 day but supposedly discounted like mad, especially for electronics.

And because of that, we all went out in the middle of the night just to queue outside Arundel Mills so we can chiong our way in. There were already people queueing since 4pm because apparently Best Buy was selling their hugeass television sets for only like USD200 or something like that. In a shocking revelation, Singaporeans aren't the only kiasu ones.

You can already see the loooong queue formed

Oh god

Plus, it was so damn cold at that time and at that point I was all like "I'm not here for this shit" but you know what they say... YOLOLOLOLOLOL. Yes I said it.

When the gates were finally open everybody simply calmly walked in instead of going all apeshit and stepping all over people but I wouldn't deny that the mall was really crowded, especially shops like Best Buy and Victoria's Secret. Not that I care a lot about the latter... ahem.

Because I was too busy shopping for my own shit, here are 2 super blurry shots that are definitely not an accurate depiction of the actual crowd in Best Buy that night:



After going through the sales, I conclude that from my experience it seems pretty overrated. Maybe I'd agree that it's worth it to buy the electronics, but everything else was like 10% 20% discount only. Okay but I'll admit that I did find some reaaally cheap deals which I will show you in a later post.

I wanted to go to Best Buy to look at some of the discounted CDs because the other day I saw Rihanna's Loud CD+DVD album on discount, but I thought since Black Friday is coming hopefully will have further discount!

Unfortunately I was too greedy to have done that because they created barricades around the area as a makeshift queuing area to extend the line and make it organised. So if I want to get to the music section I'd have to queue first, and the queue was seriously long as fuck. Not worth it to wait so long imo, and time is money!

I also realised that there were a loooot of Asians! They're probably going back to Hong Kong to sell them on eBay. (racist joke but still)

As a whole I didn't understand the whole hype for this Black Friday thing, but I guess I have to Americanise myself more in order to get it.

What I thought was pretty cool was how the mall cops all use segways! Whom are pretty much the main demographic of segways now.

Anyhoo, after getting verrry little sleep we woke up and went to visit factory outlets while it was still Black Friday!

The discounts there are ridiculous okay I even managed to buy stuff with discounts ranging from 50%-60%! Once again will post up my buys in a later post.

In other exciting news I also tried Cherry Coca-Cola for the first time in my life and it's just too sweet for me to handle. It's admittedly quite nice though, and the amount of calories is most definitely, absolutely low.

Which is why I don't get it when you guys call me fat. I'm already making efforts to go on a diet!

The next day we went back to Arundel Mills AGAIN. Seriously, we're in Baltimore to just shop like mad and as mentioned before the mall is so god damn big. We did pass by this place which I loike though:

Dorrar Tree! The American version of Daiso, but cheaper! I bought so much shit there, mostly food, for  I don't know what reason. Even until today, almost 8 months later, most of the candy bought is still untouched. Wasteful or whuuuuut


The ultimate shocker of the day was when auntie May decided to order Pizza Hut for us online for dinner.

I found out that a 14-inch pizza only costs USD7 and USD9 if you want to have a cheese-stuffed crust. Bloody hell! That's less than SGD15 for one big pizza! You also get to choose your own toppings and get to have options like only having olives on half of the pizza! Cool or what?

I guess the only disadvantage is you have to go down to the nearest pizza hut to collect your order, but what inconvenience does it cause when you can drive?

Random scenery shot for the lulz


Voila! Again


Later that night, of course, I play what I always think can make me burn 400 calories

I won by the way. Yep, I am secretly an African-American man.

I have a video of me playing Wii boxing but it's so embarrassing it shall never see the light of day! Muahahaha

On the fourth consecutive day of lepak-ing and spending money we went to the Baltimore Inner Harbour to take a look around.

Nothing to see lor except huge dogs jogging with their owners around the area. So cute! And their hair is surprisingly VERY silky and well-maintained. I'm talking about the dogs la.

Here is also a very attractive picture of me:

Speaking of attractive, I like how in the previous part of the USA 2011 series someone commented "you look fat".

*cue sad music* Do you know how much it hurts my ego? ;_; If not for comments like this, would I have resorted to puking out my food every night? ;_; but in all honesty I agree la, but that's
another story for another day.

One of the malls in the vicinity

The classy-looking dressing rooms in the Forever 21 store there. Until I realised the H&M store here has similar dressing rooms too.

That night I also tried something else as part of my plan to lose weight, which is none other than...

Oreo yoghurt! How low-cal is that?

Separated with tin foil to maximise the crunchiness

Mmmmmmm why Singapore don't have this ah? Americans are so innovative! Although there are exceptions like Philana.

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I don't remember if I've ever said this cuz I've been thinking about this for a damn long time now.

I'm thinking of creating a separate blog to post J-Pop reviews!

To name a few reasons why this wouldn't work:
1. My topics of discussion are very limited (I'll only talk about the J-Pop acts I care about)
2. I'm just retarded

Which is absolutely perfect because I don't give a shit!

I'm not going to be those serious music reviewers with extremely frowery vocabuararary I'll probably just be like "This shits all over AKB48's entire discography" or something to that effect. I will be the voice of the people with non-frowery vocaburubeurary! By people I mean myself.

While we're on the topic of J-Pop, I shall bet with myself that if I do get to attend the Namie Meet & Greet, I will indeed make the blog.

How relevant is this to you, you may ask? No la, I post for myself to see then happy only.