My neverending journey of chasing sleep + doing stupid shit

I am damn angry with myself.

Every time I sleep late because I'm doing work, I'll be like, "ok I have only 4 hours to sleep before I wake up and prepare for school and I will not be late!"

Guess what? Somehow my body is defiant as fuck and decides to ALWAYS have minimum 5-6 hours of sleep before it decides to conveniently wake up and make me late by making me actually forget that I turned off the alarm clocks. (YES I EVEN HAVE MORE THAN 1!!!)

And that is therefore why I actually woke up at 8am on Thursday when my WebGra class was at 9 (I slept at 3am) and had to end up taking a taxi to school! The best part was when I woke up I was still in my state of gong-ness so I stubbed my pinky toe really hard on the leg of my mother's bed on the way to the toilet, and I don't even stub my toe that often!

The bad news and the bad news was that my taxi fare was $21.30 and I was still late for WebGra anyway by like 20 minutes.

Later on that day I was at OurSpace with like 10 other classmates sitting down and I decided to take a nap. First of all, I fucking snored and apparently it was quite loud. And my mouth was open quite big. So now everybody will never look at me the same way ever again.

Secondly, the camera crew who are documenting something for NP50, NP's 50th birthday next year, fucking zoomed in on me SLEEPING and SNORING and apparently Nicolene and Robin who were beside me just giggled by the side AHHHHHHHHHHHH Kim was sleeping but she managed to get away scot-free!!!!

(I would later find out on Friday night that it was all a LIE! Sigh)

Then as I was on the bus home I was seated where I can't lean on anything to sleep so I ended up constantly swaying to the left side when I slept until I think nobody even wanted to sit there in the end.

Then I moved seats when the bus was at Lakeside MRT so that I can lean on the window to sleep. In the process I knocked my head on the ceiling in my state of gong-ness and got judged by this student who was sitting opposite me.

When the bus reached the interchange already at its last stop I was still freaking sleeping so thanks to the kindness of a stranger he nudged me and I woke up in time. As if my day wasn't embarrassing enough!! I wanted to go up to him and say thanks but he had a somewhat bitch face so thanks but no thanks.

In other embarrassing news, I was taking a shit in school and while I was shitting halfway I heard someone call my name in the toilet. It wasn't actually that scary, but I just got weirded out. Later that night they wanted to tell ghost stories so I told them that story. Daniel then promptly said "Oh it was me!" SIGH POTONG STIM!!!!

Anyway on Friday night we went all the way to Angus' house to give him a birthday surprise even though it wasn't even going to be his birthday LOL! His birthday is technically today but we'd all be too busy to celebrate so happy birthday Angus! It was damn funny because when he opened the door to his room where all of us were hiding he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Ikr?

Also yesterday was Edrie's birthday!!! We bought him so much shit, he better be appreciative!! He was so touched by me and Sophia's efforts he kept tweeting about it, that annoying fuck. Hahahahaha. Will probably post photos when I actually have the TIME.

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