A New Project: J-Pop KAMPAI!

As promised 3 posts ago, I have indeed opened up a new J-Pop blog which I have been wanting to start for a reaally long time now, and what better blog title to give than J-Pop KAMPAI! ?

This is of course inspired by everyone's favourite party queen, ayumi hamasaki who has made this word very popular among people like myself. I would later find out that "kampai" is a common misspelling for "kanpai" but ok.

You can go ahead and read my introductory post at http://jpopkampai.blogspot.com and by then I'll already have my Namie Amuro experience post up there as well, along with my opinions on 2NE1's I LOVE YOU and the horrendous lip syncing going on in the video.

What I'll basically post there are new release information, my opinions on certain releases, album / single / DVD reviews and general news and happenings around the world of J-Pop.

I know that there are some people who come here to read my opinions on everything J-Pop but they tend to be brief since most people can't relate to that so the creation of this new blog basically puts my thoughts into greater detail and things like that. (I'm working on a review for Namie and Crystal Kay's latest albums to be published soon!)

I will also be making more detailed posts from my CDs of the month posts I have here where I'll be including pictures of the packaging instead of just the front cover.

However, I will still be making CDotM posts here on my personal blog just because. What would be the difference between the content posted here and on the J-Pop blog?

I will post the same things but generally when it comes to the things that bore you like CDs and all that, I will post detailed versions on the J-Pop blog because that's what I think my target audience would like.

However, when I post on events like the recent press conference with Namie in Singapore, I will usually have more information on my personal blog because I will type from a more personal experience / viewpoint such as the embarrassing case of running across the airport with Sibyl and stupid shit like that.

You'd notice in the J-Pop KAMPAI! post that I include none of those stories because the people obviously aren't there for those.

In short, don't worry about me compromising the content of this blog! This will still be my primary blogging platform and you can just treat J-Pop KAMPAI! as just another ordinary site.

If I do make updates there though I might just inform you in CDotM posts or something like that when I do reviews on CDs and stuff. If the site really blows up I might even go on to hold giveaway competitions that things like that. Just a long-term vision that I have, haha.

That's it! Do check out the site yea because Ayu looks ridiculous in my banner! KAMPAI!

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