Oh god why

I think this has probably been one of the busiest weeks I've ever experienced since poly life started and that means like, a lot. For the past 2 days I literally came home, plopped on my bed and instantly fell asleep. I don't know which is more disgusting - my behaviour or the fact that I'm dirtying my sheets so quickly with my sweat.

Today I showed my classmates my mother's eBay store and we found out that she was selling an XXL Cartier paper bag for 20 freaking dollars. I know right? So I called and asked her why she did that. As it turns out, it's because "you can only get the paper bag if you buy something there ma!" HAHAHAHA and she also added on that if my friends want it they can get it for a discounted price of... $15!!! Wow!!!

Anyway life so far has not been very smooth-sailing for me because I am getting results that I am not expecting myself to get. I think I can just settle for a GPA of 2.0 and I'll be satisfied already. Ok wait, I must be positive! That's what Kim has been emphasising on this entire week. SCHOLARSHIP REVOKE SUA

Too many things to do, too little time, and I'm sleeping for too damn long. I have a MEDSOC exam to study for, a 1500-word WRITCOM research essay to do, a 10-minute video production to make, a fully functional website to create from scratch and I have to go to a wet market early in the morning to come up with a photo essay. All these are like due within the next 4 weeks. Craaaazay!

The icing on the cake is how in between all these I also have to do preparations for an upcoming trip to China with the school for a ~Youth Enrichment Programme~ or at least that's what I think it stands for. I brought it upon myself since I signed up for it voluntarily so it's okay HAHAHA. So exciting because I never thought one day I'd actually go to CHINA.

In other exciting news, I'm losing my mind soon. So yup. Bye bye

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