USA 2011 Part 4.1 -- Thanksgiving + Black Friday = Partay ay

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The next few days into the trip became pretty much like free and easy time which is great because everyone knows how much of a lazy fat ass I am so I spent most of my time downstairs in the basement playing Wii bowling.

But on Day 8 of our trip it was actually Thanksgiving! So exciting because it's my first time celebrating this occasion although in all honesty I can't be bothered about it.

So what did I do on that day? Absolutely nothing.

Yep, nothing.

Ok actually in the morning I played a bit of badminton and I am so good at the sport *ahem* that the shuttlecock flew all the way to the roof.

Yo baby waddup

I also managed to enjoy shitloads of goooood fooooood on this glooooriooouuuss occasion. I don't remember if I actually gave thanks on that day, but oh well, it's over anyway.

Ginormous crab legs

And that was the only dish I bothered to take a picture of. HAHAHA but if you actually care we also had pastries, pork and beef steaks (foodgasm) and potato salad made by Eva's mum which was SO GOOD. We also had a couple of... innocuous drinks, ahem ahem.

That was pretty much how we spent our Thanksgiving. I love food and therefore have discovered a new found love for this holiday.

Eva and I watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving that night! For once, we're not watching them 63 months late on Channel 5.

What auntie May and the rest were actually looking forward to was the Black Friday sales which always happens the day after Thanksgiving day and it's like the Great Singapore Sale, except it lasts for only 1 day but supposedly discounted like mad, especially for electronics.

And because of that, we all went out in the middle of the night just to queue outside Arundel Mills so we can chiong our way in. There were already people queueing since 4pm because apparently Best Buy was selling their hugeass television sets for only like USD200 or something like that. In a shocking revelation, Singaporeans aren't the only kiasu ones.

You can already see the loooong queue formed

Oh god

Plus, it was so damn cold at that time and at that point I was all like "I'm not here for this shit" but you know what they say... YOLOLOLOLOLOL. Yes I said it.

When the gates were finally open everybody simply calmly walked in instead of going all apeshit and stepping all over people but I wouldn't deny that the mall was really crowded, especially shops like Best Buy and Victoria's Secret. Not that I care a lot about the latter... ahem.

Because I was too busy shopping for my own shit, here are 2 super blurry shots that are definitely not an accurate depiction of the actual crowd in Best Buy that night:



After going through the sales, I conclude that from my experience it seems pretty overrated. Maybe I'd agree that it's worth it to buy the electronics, but everything else was like 10% 20% discount only. Okay but I'll admit that I did find some reaaally cheap deals which I will show you in a later post.

I wanted to go to Best Buy to look at some of the discounted CDs because the other day I saw Rihanna's Loud CD+DVD album on discount, but I thought since Black Friday is coming hopefully will have further discount!

Unfortunately I was too greedy to have done that because they created barricades around the area as a makeshift queuing area to extend the line and make it organised. So if I want to get to the music section I'd have to queue first, and the queue was seriously long as fuck. Not worth it to wait so long imo, and time is money!

I also realised that there were a loooot of Asians! They're probably going back to Hong Kong to sell them on eBay. (racist joke but still)

As a whole I didn't understand the whole hype for this Black Friday thing, but I guess I have to Americanise myself more in order to get it.

What I thought was pretty cool was how the mall cops all use segways! Whom are pretty much the main demographic of segways now.

Anyhoo, after getting verrry little sleep we woke up and went to visit factory outlets while it was still Black Friday!

The discounts there are ridiculous okay I even managed to buy stuff with discounts ranging from 50%-60%! Once again will post up my buys in a later post.

In other exciting news I also tried Cherry Coca-Cola for the first time in my life and it's just too sweet for me to handle. It's admittedly quite nice though, and the amount of calories is most definitely, absolutely low.

Which is why I don't get it when you guys call me fat. I'm already making efforts to go on a diet!

The next day we went back to Arundel Mills AGAIN. Seriously, we're in Baltimore to just shop like mad and as mentioned before the mall is so god damn big. We did pass by this place which I loike though:

Dorrar Tree! The American version of Daiso, but cheaper! I bought so much shit there, mostly food, for  I don't know what reason. Even until today, almost 8 months later, most of the candy bought is still untouched. Wasteful or whuuuuut


The ultimate shocker of the day was when auntie May decided to order Pizza Hut for us online for dinner.

I found out that a 14-inch pizza only costs USD7 and USD9 if you want to have a cheese-stuffed crust. Bloody hell! That's less than SGD15 for one big pizza! You also get to choose your own toppings and get to have options like only having olives on half of the pizza! Cool or what?

I guess the only disadvantage is you have to go down to the nearest pizza hut to collect your order, but what inconvenience does it cause when you can drive?

Random scenery shot for the lulz


Voila! Again


Later that night, of course, I play what I always think can make me burn 400 calories

I won by the way. Yep, I am secretly an African-American man.

I have a video of me playing Wii boxing but it's so embarrassing it shall never see the light of day! Muahahaha

On the fourth consecutive day of lepak-ing and spending money we went to the Baltimore Inner Harbour to take a look around.

Nothing to see lor except huge dogs jogging with their owners around the area. So cute! And their hair is surprisingly VERY silky and well-maintained. I'm talking about the dogs la.

Here is also a very attractive picture of me:

Speaking of attractive, I like how in the previous part of the USA 2011 series someone commented "you look fat".

*cue sad music* Do you know how much it hurts my ego? ;_; If not for comments like this, would I have resorted to puking out my food every night? ;_; but in all honesty I agree la, but that's
another story for another day.

One of the malls in the vicinity

The classy-looking dressing rooms in the Forever 21 store there. Until I realised the H&M store here has similar dressing rooms too.

That night I also tried something else as part of my plan to lose weight, which is none other than...

Oreo yoghurt! How low-cal is that?

Separated with tin foil to maximise the crunchiness

Mmmmmmm why Singapore don't have this ah? Americans are so innovative! Although there are exceptions like Philana.

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