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As rumour may or may not have it, there was a stabbing incident at Boon Lay Shopping Centre yesterday!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Since it was quite close to where I live (not really) I started to think what ~*if*~ some idiot decided to stab me, that fucking bastard.

The first thing I would definitely do is yell a really loud "FUCKING CHEEBYE STABBED ME! SIAN JI PUA!" while pointing towards the direction the culprit is running. Cowaarrrrd!

I will proceed to open my bag and take out my penknife (I don't have any) and throw it with precision at the person's back, causing him to collapse to the floor. But obviously a penknife is too puny to really have an impact so he will start going on a rampage, get up and run towards me.

Since I'm already fatally wounded I can't really run so I will try my best anyway, while digging up 3 more random knives from my bag and once again throwing them and piercing through his abdomen. I would go for the crotch but that would just be really sad.

When all the weapons have penetrated him and he dies then everyone would start to applaud!!! I will then ask them to hurry up and call the ambulance because I'd still be bleeding profusely from my stupid wound.

Meanwhile, I will have a camwhore session documenting this once in a lifetime moment.

Of course this is all played out in my head. In reality I'll just lie on the floor flopping about like a goldfish, waiting for death to come, while nobody in the vicinity bothers to do anything.

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