CDs of the month (#29)

I am greatly not sorry for my absence this past week but to compensate my remaining 0.5 viewers here is a new update for CDs of the month!! I would like to also say that I am very pekcek because I completed the post just now but accidentally closed the tab without saving the draft. ARGH.

(2012.07.18) Angela Aki - BLUE (CD+DVD | Limited Edition)

Angela Aki's first album since giving birth! Looks like those maternal instincts have finally done something good to her creative decisions and made her look more feminine from head to knee. Not sure if those sneakers were done in bad taste or if she's trying to make a fashion statement.

I haven't heard this album yet but fan reactions seem to be rather mixed... plus this album isn't charting that well either. But oh wellz, at least it came with a (useless) postcard.

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(2012.07.25) JASMINE - Best Partner

What do the CDs featured this month have in common? Both artists are changing their usual cover patterns! Ma homegurl JASMINE is finally back with a single exactly 363 days after her previous single, and for once the cover is not a shot of her standing in front of some weird-assed background. The Times New Roman approach for the single title in the obi is lame though.

But music-wise I think Best Partner is her best a-side ever! Can't wait for her to drop her sophomore album and kick BENI's ass. I don't know why I brought her into the picture, but yea.

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Anyway I'm very free now with only 2 more modules to worry about so I'll probably be churning out a few more posts over the next few weeks... BUT NO PROMISES HAHAH

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