Check out da modified layout y'allz

Today is the end of the first Semester and to celebrate, here's a new shit layout! For some reason I keep trying to improve on it but I'm not really doing anything.

Anyway, everything pretty much still looks the same except for a few changes here and there. Nothing that's really relevant, except for the fact that I've removed my Tagboard and Links section. Why?

Tagboards are so not ~*da trend*~ anymore (who would have thought? ur hur hur) plus it's getting shitloads of spam like, "Oh I love your blog hope you will visit mine too," those lying cunts.

Also, I'm getting super sick of constantly adding and/or updating links because of people changing addresses, shutting down their blogs etc. etc. so I decided to just remove it altogether. Looks like links aren't ~*da trend*~ anymore too. Oh wait, blogging isn't even ~*da trend*~ now so I should just stop lol jk

I also moved my widgets to an entirely separate post not only because I still find it obnoxiously pretentious, but also because the idea in itself is so stupid and not ~*da trend*~ anymore (still lavvit though), it should quietly hide in one corner. I'm like Madonna who's always trying to stay relevant but not really.

Oh yes!! I also added new h!p and kewl social network buttons to share my posts on Twitter / Facebook! Still pretentious, but that's what all the k00l kidz on da bl0ck are doing isn't it.

It's not like anyone is going to use it, but I realised that if you want to share an individual post you'll have to go to its individual page (by clicking on its title or the Permalink link at the bottom of the post) and share it from there to do so. If you just click while on the main blog page you'll just be sharing the whole blog by itself. Just sayinnnnn

Also, for the first time in a really long time I'm quite content with this layout because I have finally come to terms with my ineptitude in working with classic Blogger templates and my generally lame HTML knowledge, so I might keep this one like, forever.

Unless someone bothers to design a new banner for me because I have semi-retired from experimenting with Photoshop LOL.

All in all, I hope you loike the new layout and if you don't, well, YOLO man. Cheers!

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