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As you all know, I have always been a movie buff and I absolutely cannot miss out on the new films that are out each week!

Which is why I was absolutely pumped when Katy Perry's latest pretentious and brainwashing movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me was going to be shown in cinemas here.

I promised Jia Rong I'd go watch with him so it makes absolute sense to say that this is the most heterosexual thing ever. I can already hear Michael Buckley in my head going "No homo! Totally homo!"

Anyway, we predicted that there'd be a lot of teen fangirls watching the movie on the day we were going since it was a weekend and in the afternoon, so after buying our tickets I went to check the seating plan via the GV website to see how packed the cinema will be.

What a great turnout!!!!!!

And we were the last pair to buy the tickets, by the way. The lady tearing the tickets also took a judgemental double take when Jiarong handed her the tickets HAHAHAA

When we went into the cinema it was totally vacant and we were so excited because we could run around the cinema like nobody's business and sit in as many unglam positions as we want to.

Then we heard voices before the movie started and up came a couple in their 20s who I immediately waved at. They waved back too! I made frenzxszxszxsz guys.

Actually I think I kind of scared them because I immediately exclaimed "We're the only ones here!!! There's supposed to be like 6... but now it's just the 4 of us." They incidentally were supposed to sit behind us, and god knows what happened to the other 2 who were supposed to turn up and sit at the corner.

Anyway, let's just say as a ~*media*~ student I've learnt to take things with a pinch of salt and that's what I think we should all do for this film!

It's essentially to make the haters like her, the people who like her to like her even more and everyone to start hating on Russell Brand. Ok actually the first two points are why biopics are made in the first place BUT STILL.

I think it's more of a film to empower people to chase their dreams and shit because it shows the difficulties she went through in becoming the star she is now (who sucks live) but like I said, can't take it totally for real since there may be more happening than what is shown.

Oh well, I guess I kinda enjoyed it in the end. If you're thinking of watching it in 3D, don't bother because the only things in 3D were the subtitles and occasional special effects.

My favourite part of the movie was definitely the Grease snippet that was played during the advertisements shown before the film started.

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