MCM must take exam one ah

Hi I am blogging at this ungodly hour because I am being a freaking MUGGER. Which is ironic because I wouldn't be doing this shit in the first place.

But aaaaanyway, I am happily doing revision for my 20% test for my Location Production module. Happy because for the past 1 hour I spent 40 minutes eating and 20 minutes actually studying.

This is also like the final assessment before I am done and over with this shit! So excited. Today's also submission day for our final project film, which I am not really allowed to show since the copyright goes to NP.

Oh wellz, but our production is more or less an adaptation of Roald Dahl's Lamb to the Slaughter with many tweaks here and there. Ended up being very sick and twisted, but that's why we lavvit.

Anyway for our test I'm not really that paranoid about it... AS YOU CAN SEE contrary to many of my other coursemates who were already revising since 1 week ago! Woah woah woah! I have to answer shit like ~*how do you define white balance*~ or ~*how do you do 3 point lighting*~ or ~*why are you in this course Travis*~ so it's all very dry and stuff.

My module leader is damn cute because he sent out an e-mail to us recently reminding us of the exam venue and all and at the end he said "If YOU ARE LATE, please DO NOT BANG on the floor." I DIED!

In other news, I can't wait for the semester break to start. Which is on the 14th August after my Media in Society exam. Then I'll have a lot of time to blog! Yay! Plus I'm going to make some changes to the blog soon (minor, unrelated-to-you ones though so you don't really need to look forward to anything) so I'm eggcited.

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