Selamat Berpuasa

Although I am late as hell, selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim frenzzz! Anyway, the point of this post is that on the first day of the fasting month, 21st July, it was some idiot person's birthday. Here's a hint: he's in Jurong Junior College even though he should be in ITE College West. Hi Edrie!

Anyway because he was going to celebrate with his ~*famiree*~ and even break fast with them Sophia and I decided to meet him at like 8.30PM at our usual meeting place.

With the Thai queen preparing our presentation of gifts

What we ended up with:

Upon opening...


Not bad ah? We told Edrie they were from Delifrance and he said he was going to find out the price one day. Then Sophia was like "MIGHT AS WELL TELL YOU NOW?" in her classic bitch queen mode then he was like "OK NVM NVM" HAHAHA

We also took some polaroidzz

The polaroid with Edrie and Sophia is so nicely framed right? You wanna know why? Cuz it was taken by ME. You see the bottom right one with so much empty space on top. Taken by who? SOPHIA. TSK. And they claim it's because of them that their picture is so nice. Fuck you all maaan.

Some random post-it messages Sophia and I wrote and pinned onto a cork-board as one of his gifts, although he'd probably prefer a cockboard instead *ba dum tss* thank you thank you

That's pretty much it though. On 10th August we're going to Geylang to get DENG DENG again. I'm so excited!! I'm going to buy like 10kg worth this time.

Meanwhile here is a very unglam picture of Sophia to show everyone that people of royal descent aren't  always perfect, especially self-proclaimed ones. Dunno who la, hor?

If Sophia sees this, hi!

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