The Christina Aguilera Programme

Hello everybody I'm so depressed today because I have a CAMP in 8 and a half hours from the time I post this, and I haven't even started packing yet!

Apparently because I am an NP scholar now (try saying "Travis is a scholar" with a straight face. CANNOT RIGHT?) I am automatically enrolled into the supposedly highly prestigious Chirstearaaerarsa programme, but since I can't spell it I will hereby call it The Christina Aguilera Programme.

One of the renewal criterias for my scholarship would be to attend a "Milestone Programme" each year, and the Year 1 scholars' programme is apparently the TCAP's Empowerment Camp. They are very smart, because if you cannot go, fret not! There are like 9 other dates you can choose to attend. Woah woah woah! You can run but you cannot hide!!

Fortunately I heard that the camp is mostly filled with talks. Maybe it'll be very boring but at least I'm not running around like a dirty hobo. I remember for the orientation camp in April this year where I was literally running around the polytechnic barefooted with soap suds running down the front of my shorts to my legs. Totally not sexual at all.

And most importantly I heard the meals are gonna be buffet-style! I'm gonna be so thin by the end of the camp.

At least I know that this camp, unlike other camps, is not going to shut me off from civilisation so I'm kind of looking forward to it... ish. Can you believe I'll be hanging out with people who actually deserve their scholarships?!

But it's quite depressing to know that I can't go back to JWSS for Teachers' Day this Friday because of that. I'm mostly bummed that I won't be able to interrogate Mrs Chong over how she managed to get hold of my class photos from PRIMARY school!

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