"Why go to Ipoh when you can go to Gek Poh"

So like many weekends ago on the last weekend of June I went to Ipoh for a little exciting holiday! Well, I wouldn't say it was really exciting but I went to Ipoh for a little holiday!

I went along with Eva and her fam and the purpose for this trip is for a reaaally special occasion. For the first time in over a decade, her whole family is finally coming back for a gathering because they are like, international. There's one that lives in China, then some here in Singapore, one in the USA and the rest in Malaysia. They're everywhere! Eva's mum and her 5 siblings are able to get together again for that weekend.

Me looking like a bootleg K-Pop star, only from neck up

With Eva and uncle Felix

It was the first time for me actually being in the budget terminal because I am high crass like that *ahem* and let's just say... it certainly lives up to its name!

We were flying by this budget airline called Firefly which I frankly didn't even know until we checked in our baggage, despite having been sent the booking email a looong time ago, lmao.

They don't even use the engine thingy they use good ol' propellers! Damn scary, but apparently they're considered safer and that the plane can still fly with only one propeller working. Sure.

When we landed in Ipoh and after waiting for 10 years at the immigration counter (the person saw my passport photo and couldn't believe how different I looked) we met up with auntie Emily who was our host for the weekend! You'd probably remember her in my Japan 2009 posts where she came with us.

She brought us to eat lunch first before bringing us to Popo's house to meet the rest of the family. So exciting!

On the way to the place I took a good look around Ipoh and let's just say... I already knew this kampong-ish lifestyle wouldn't be suitable for me. It's okay, cultural experience... cultural experience...

You know what's suitable for me though? THE AMAZING FOOD I ATE. (Surprise) I don't know what they do, but their watermelon juice is sweeter, their fried food is crispier , their laksa is off the roof and they have the softest roasted pork I have ever tasted. I kid you not.

I totally get what they mean by "melts in your mouth" now.

Kickass bee hoon

I can't say the food hygiene standards are good but through the years I have come to realise that the lower the hygiene standard, the better the food. As long as you don't laosai after that.

After stuffing ourselves with glorious Malaysian food we made our way to Popo's house! Pretty much everybody was already there except auntie Emily's family. I already know 5 of the siblings but I never knew who the 6th one was but now I finally have!

After resting for a bit we went to some shopping mall to do some shopping, although I ended up not really buying much. I thought there'd be better shopping than this to be honest, but auntie Emily's husband said it's just a small town after all so can't expect much.

I did however manage to take this

I showed this to Sabrina and she said Jakim will come after me. Ohhhh shit.

After walking around for a few hours we finally made our way back to auntie Emily's house where we'll be sleeping and their place is awesomeeeeeee with 2 stories and all.

Here's a very embarrassing story. When I went back I needed to take a shit and so I did. After I was done shitting, I looked to the right and the worst thing happened -- there was no toilet paper.

That was when I realised that they don't use toilet paper! I shouted to Eva outside "Oh my god Eva. Guess what? There's no toilet paper." so no choice have to wash lor.

But just before I had to succumb to using a method of cleaning my ass which I haven't used for many years, Shu Wei came to the rescue by putting a roll of toilet paper outside the door!! Auntie Emily specially bought them just for our stay! You know what else I also found out? That Eva went to tell everyone else about my predicament in the toilet omg.

Their neighbour's dog, Brownie! Or Browny, whatever it is. Eva's mum was loudly exclaiming when the neighbours were right next door about how unoriginal the name was, but they probably don't understand English so it's okay.

Gloriously photobombed by Mandy in the background

That night we had a really sumptuous dinner comprising MORE soft and tender roasted pork, chicken, rice, satay, curry chicken, and some other stuff. There was also lap cheong, the dried chinese sausages and just like the roasted pork they were EXTREMELY SOFT. I had a surprise mouthgasm like HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Jia Qi being a siao gin na as always

We da young pplz

We were being typical country bumpkins cuz they had a huuuuge HD TV and we were watching Spiderman in awe. Ironically we all can't stand the country lifestyle with shitloads of mosquitoes everywhere. We had a mosquito killing spree back in Shu Wei's room but those buggers never stop coming.

Incriminating evidence of Pui Yee's pedophiliac antics!

A very grumpy-looking karang guni with his beep beep horn. Oh wait, that's me.

I taught Brandon how to say the "KAAAARAANNG GUUUUNIII LAAADIO DIAN SI KI" (cuz he's from the US) and asked him to go downstairs and say it to the adults!!! Our plan failed in the end though cuz he still didn't know how to say it.

A picture that would work well for a campaign asking parents to have more kids

I shall now unleash upon everyone our Photobooth adventures:

Also here's a video that was suggested by none other than uncle Felix who is already over 40 years old:

DISCLAIMER: Not I tell them say one ah is uncle Felix ah HAHAHAHA

The next day was the day of the highly anticipated dinner but before that we all went shopping again! Once again, we didn't really manage to buy anything interesting but we did, however, take some interesting pictures that may probably get me arrested by Jakim again

On the car back home

Making Eva's mum look very the professional like the make-up the artist

Brandon, who I taught to do this creepy ghost face. He has done me proud! Marcus sitting very happily at the back

Eva in her very ooOOooOOoo dress

Brandon blocking her from being in the limelight

In le car to the hotel where the dinner is at!

Famiree f0t0!

Bird bird

In between courses during the dinner each family prepared a little video presentation just to reminisce about the old times... it was very interesting looking at everybody's photos when they were young HAHAHAHA

Then when it was time for Eva's family, which I am pretty much a part of, Eva of course decided to dedicate an entire section just filled w pictures of ME in it because they were my unglam Facebook photos and it was so embarrassing that I was screaming with every new picture of me that appeared HAHAHAHA.

Omg but I have to admit that it was very le touchingue ;_;

Then after the video presentations it was time for each family to come up with a performance to represent the family. Of course I decided to be a cockblock and not perform hahaha!!! I wasn't prepared for it!

I later thought that maybe I'd do a closing speech or something but they karaoke-d for so long that there wasn't time for any so oh well!!!

Mandy and Eva singingue

Shu Wei playing le flutez

And of course, one of the main highlights which was Pui Yee and her husband James re-enacting the Titanic scene

There was also a very touching moment when Popo and Gong Gong went to sit at the front and Popo cried cuz she was so touched by everything ;_; she was crying while talking and nobody could understand what she was saying but everyone cried along anyway

The siblings singing song together except Mandy's dad who was in the toilet

In the car back home!!!!

We then spent the rest of the night sharing ghost stories which were very exciting and we finally slept at like 2AM.

As a whole I thought this event was very fun and certainly bonded the family together ;_; even an outsider like me feels like a part of the family. Likewise, I also treat them as my second family, even more closer than my own, to be honest! I pretty much know everyone in the family by now.

The next gathering is ~*tentatively*~ 2 years from now in *china accent* BEIJING, CHINA! where Marcus & Mandy's family is at! Excitingue! Anyway it's been a month since the event but Pui Yee is STILL going on about how I didn't prepare a performance. K LA K LA NEXT TIME I PERFORM 2 PIECES OK!!!

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