Cheebye uncle

I am utterly pissed with myself because when I should be getting wet dreams, I'm not. So here's another irritating dream I had.

So I had a dream where I was at this place selling jackfruit candy -- like really chewy, tasty ones. They were DAMN GOOD! So I wanted to buy some from the store assistant who was this 60+ year old uncle looking very sloppy and all. Like one of those Singaporean uncles.

Then he asked me to put my money into 2 glass jars. So I don't know why but I felt DAMN compelled to put all of the money I had with me to fill those 2 glass jars. I didn't even know how much the jackfruit candy cost. So I just kept filling my money in.

Then after that I was damn dulan. I was like CAN I GET MY DAMN CANDY ALREADY but actually I was more pissed because I obviously just got cheated of my money.

Then I asked him why he took so much of my money and he said "ma piao lor" (Lottery lor) and I was like HUH

He says it's some kind of lottery to the gods to guarantee me protection or something. What the fuck right? And then suddenly there was thunder and lightning outside and he said that I'll be EVEN MORE protected and EVEN MORE LUCKY because he told me all that right before it rained.

At that point of time all I really wanted was my money back and not some godly protection or striking the lottery (he didn't even give me a ticket it's like those scam emails) and I was ready to leave all pissed and all.

Then I walked out and before I left he asked "Do you know what will happen if I give you back your money?" then I just turned around sharply and sarcastically said "Oh I will DIE is it" followed by an eye roll. HE SAID YES AND GAVE A SINISTER SMILE WA FUCKING CHEEBYE

So I left being damn angry. No 4D ticket, no jackfruit candy, MY MONEY GONE. Then I woke up. you say pissed off or not?

But on a more serious tone because I take my dreams so seriously ur hur hur MAYBE IT'S A SIGN RIGHT? Like in the past I'd dream of a location and IT CAN TAKE YEARS but I will end up going to that exact location and I will remember from the dream!! It's different from a deja vu cuz I can actually remember it's from a dream!

Aiya anyway, for someone as narcissistic as me, I've come to realise that I've been very... boring lately. So that means I've been SHIT BORING.

Like I don't really have any interesting to say. Not online, not to anyone I've been with lately. I feel so, for lack of better word, retarded and I hate it.

Maybe it's because I haven't touched books in MONTHS so I'll probably get back to reading again before I become staler than a pile of week-old horse shit and my brain starts eating its own grey matter out of boredom. It's so hard to find out which books are good!

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