I did not come back with an accent + First Semester results!!!

Hello!!! I am finally back from China and all is well, all is well. I had a great time shitting into holes and drinking potentially tainted milk.

While I'll probably take another 10 years before I blog about the China trip, I was having so much fun there (ur hur hur) that I actually forgot that my results for the first semester were released on the 14th so when I woke up that day and saw the others checking their results I was like OMGOMGOMG

In all honesty I was hoping for like, 3.7? 3.8? Somewhere there because I screwed up my MedSoc paper, my photography sucks, and I have an IQ of 10.

But when the page opened on Jeremy's MacBook Air it was exactly like when I got a better-than-expected B3 for my Mother Tongue O Levels where I looked at Mr Zubir and said "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME"

(AD - A w/ Distinction | PX - Pass for ungraded module)


I was damn happy!! I also forgot to check what I got for my Japanese 101 module so I checked just now and I got an AD for that too! I feel sooo harpieee except for that stupid IDEA JUMPSTART.

Apparently Mr Yeo also said that I topped my semester so I'll appear on the Director's List. I don't know what that signifies but ok I'll take that. HEHE but that would mean that our cohort will no longer have 4.0 GPA-ers unlike the Year 2s who have Joshua!! So that's pretty sad

But I really feel that people who didn't do as well for this semester shouldn't feel sad because there are 5 more semesters to go and the seniors once told me that most of the students will generally get a decent GPA above 3.5 at the end of the 3 years so leave tomorrow's worries to tomorrow!

I also heard that the next semester will be very competitive because of this so I wouldn't mind if I end up getting ~*dethroned*~ by next year since I can't be bothered to compete.

Anyway to prove you all wrong that I am not lazy I will start drafting up my China trip posts now! Hahah who am I kidding. It'll probably be a 3-4 part series or less though!

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