Jiarong please buy me more condoms from London

I only have about 3 days left in Singapore and I have so much left to do!

We were also told to adjust our body clocks to be able to wake up at 9am everyday and as you can see from the time I am posting this, I'm totally working on it.

I actually wanted to have a meal with Ms Ho for Teachers' Day but I'm just too busy with all the preparations and stuff I guess I'll make it happen only after the trip. She's retired anyway so she must be very free also.

I'm also contemplating buying a jacket for the trip because we are going to the peak of this mountain which could have negative temperatures?! But I don't think it's worth it money-wise since it's only for one day and I can't be sure that piling on layers of clothes would be effective either. LIFE'S DILEMMAS

One thing that I definitely will not miss before going for the trip is having a taste of mooncakes again because I feel so deprived!

Also I was damn angry just now because I finished typing this really long post (one of the USA 2011 posts) which had 61 pictures and after that I was pasting in the links to the pictures. I finished pasting the 54th picture when I accidentally swiped my MacBook's trackpad to the right.


At least on the positive side, none of the textual content was lost. BUT STILL! I AM ONE PISSED MADAFAKA.

Nonetheless, I am working on the USA posts so please don't go away. If not I will feel very ronery. Then I will start cutting myself. Ok I won't. But you get the point.

On a random sidenote, I have finally succumbed to the temptation of having a Tumblr because I am such a sucker for social media platforms. Please don't follow me because I will be reblogging the dumbest things ever, unless you're into that sort of stuff. If you know what I mean. ;)

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