Till we meet again...

It is about 24 hours before I board the plane to China and I am SO excited, you can almost feel it just by reading this sentence.

So I finally got to taste mooncakes again before I leave so I don't feel deprived anymore. They were bought at the huuuuge mooncake-selling-fest at Takashimaya and the salesperson was monotonously going "less oil less sugar no preservatives" and I was SOLD!

Lol, jk I just didn't want to walk through the whole damn place. But I loike that it tastes so light that I can eat it non-stop. When I opened it the card even said that I should consume it within 3 days and I was like OH SHIT

Also, something really weird happened to me yesterday morning. In fact, 2 weird things happened.

First, I woke up at 6:40am to pee. And I have NEVAH woken up at 6:40am to pee. Maybe 7, but never this early. Secondly, for some weird reason my sister was awake at this ungodly time as well.

It didn't even end there. Because the back of my toilet bowl started leaking the night before, I placed a small bucket below it to catch the water. It just so happened that the bucket was already 95% full and about to overflow!

So when I finished peeing I managed to empty it. Me waking up was TOTALLY a sign, and I am now convinced that my toilet bowl can control minds.

So yup, I'm leaving for China already. I read that there were like, 4 earthquakes which happened 621km from where I'll be going, and 64 people died.


I didn't even know there were earthquakes until the other China-goers talked about it, but I just brushed it off thinking they were probably just small little earthquakes here and there.

Then Sibyl said she was worried for me (THANKS FOR BEING THE ONLY FRIEND WHO EXPRESSED CONCERN) but I was like laughing all the way at how dramatic she was and I told her that they were probably tiny little ones.

but NOOOO she immediately went "PAO THEY ARE BIG ONES OK!!" so I immediately googled "China earthquake" and HO LY SHIT LANDSLIDES AND COLLAPSING BUILDINGS that's it guys I'm going to be dead

Jokes aside (it's a joke that that wasn't a joke) I hope all is well when we get there and it's already bad enough that my luggage is too damn small so I'll be praying to Guan Yin Ma and her friends. If I do die, well, at least I've eaten my fill of mooncakes.

I decided at the last minute not to bring my MacBook there because we're not even sure if there's gonna be WiFi there. The lecturers claimed there was, but hey, how stable can an internet connection be in a village. In CHINA.

But if there is then maybe I can post a few updates here and there via my iPhone. So exciting! OH WAIT I just realised Blogger is BANNED in China. Damn. And so is Facebook and Twitter. Triple Damn. (proxy servers ftw)

But you can still check back while I'm gone for the next 2 weeks because I'll be scheduling up some of the USA 2011 posts! Yes I'm still not done being late at talking about things. Wouldn't be the first time.

I shall end this post with a picture of me with hair that looks like a more tamed, less poofy Margaret Thatcher

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