USA 2011 Part 10.0 -- The People

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Being brought up in Singapore's society brought about a major culture shock to me when I came to the US. Over here in Singapore, being sociable and friendly to strangers = being weird and creepy.

Whereas in America, everybody is so nice, I have to ADAPT to being so nice. Whatever's considered socially creepy in Singapore is the norm here in the US. Everybody is friends with one another!

I literally saw this black woman walking and then suddenly saying hi to another black woman walking the other direction going all "Hey sista how you doin'!" Maybe that's why they get laid so easily

Being Asian, it was also the first time for me to experience being a minority and in all honesty I do feel a bit of unease even though people generally don't mind us.

Oh wait, in fact, people are pretty racist here in the US. I remember Auntie May telling me when we went to Costco in Baltimore that the white housewives would only shop for their groceries on a certain day on a certain time of the day because that's when the Asians don't shop for theirs. I know right?

I was also at New York where there would be people giving out invitations to some comedy club and at one point this black guy saw me and immediately did this kungfu stance while yelling "HAIYA!" so loudly it actually scared the shit out of me. I didn't mind at all though! In fact I found it funny. But fuck him anyway.

Other than that, I like that the people are just so effusive and lack inhibition. They let their opinions known y'all.

I once entered a store and this woman liked something so she immediately exclaimed to the shop assistant "I LOVE THIS"! Now that's the kind of people I love interacting with! I made a simple eye contact with someone sitting down eating a cup of noodles and he was like "What's up brutha!" hahaha

I don't mean to say that Singaporeans suck a lot la! I'm proud to be from Singapore and all, but I do share a greater simpatico with Americans because of how I was brought up and also in a way it has taught me to be more vocal about my opinions (as if I'm not already) and never be afraid of talking to strangers. I've come to realise that the more you avoid a conversation, the more awkward shit becomes!

So I thought it'd be a great way to end off the USA post series saying how much I love the people there. If there's any reason why I'd want to live there it's for the friends I'll be able to make. The people here, female AND male, are all so bloody sexy that they all turn me on all the way up. Or maybe I'm just extremely horny.

Of course the time I had there isn't representative of how everyone is like there la because I haven't been to the ghetto but still. I think that all is well as long as you don't piss someone off.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this shitlong post series because I put SO MUCH EFFORT INTO THIS lolol. I thought this would take 1 year to complete but thank god that was not the case.

I really hope I get to visit the states again because it's a really great place, and everyone should visit it at least once. It's a very eye-opening, butt-aching, penis-erecting experience. There, I said it.

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