USA 2011 Part 7.0 -- Final Moments (no I'm not gonna die)

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In the last remaining days of our stay in the US, and since Christmas was coming, we decided to take a walk around auntie May's neighbourhood in the middle of one night (and I didn't even get kidnapped) to look at some of the decorations her neighbours did!

I loike! I think the most you'd ever see decorations from us Singaporeans is hanging the flag from our balconies during the National Day period.

This is me giving the I-am-so-cold expression.

As if I didn't gain enough weight for the past 2+ weeks, we had McDonald's for one of our last lunches!

Their apple pie looks totally different from what we have here where it's more... baked-like? I don't know how to describe it, but it has a thicker, more solid crust whereas the ones we have here are crispier and flakier. I personally prefer the ones we have here at home.

Something different that I also tried here was their Angus beef burger! Not very different from their quarter pounders, just that the beef is slightly thicker and juicier. Lavvit. Hi Angus if you're reading this

We also tried one of the more... domestic fast foods called "Five Guys" which I've never heard of before but...

IT LOOKS AND TASTES SO GOOD. Their patties, unlike the other fast food chains, are handmade so I guess it contributes to much of its juiciness and... taste. Do people with sweaty palms make better patties? The imperfect look of the burger just makes it look all the more homemade and appetising in my opinion.

Anyway nothing much really happened for the rest of the remaining days to be honest and I was missing home too much to really want to do anything else. I know right? I'm such a pussy.

All we did was to pack our stuff and watch TV here and there. You should have seen their basement floor where one entire section is totally covered by all of my purchases, some of which I kinda regret buying now but YOLO.

What's more depressing is that the flight back would take another 20 hours, and I was all prepared to confuse my body once again because according to the flight itinerary we were even going to have dinner TWICE.

I also don't know what it is about aeroplane toilet mirrors because they somehow make me appear like a complete utter mess. Oh wait... but seriously. I literally become disgusted with myself.

To add on to my disgustingness, my breakfast at the Maryland airport was a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Maple Baked Frescruit from Wendy's. Tasted pretty shit though.

Though we were unlucky to not see snow while we were in the USA, we finally got to see some when we landed at Minneapolis to transit to another flight:

Hahahhahahah pathetic

Oooo you can see me there but that's not the point

And before I knew it, I was back in Singapore!!! Felt that bittersweet feeling again of wanting to stay in the USA and coming home to Singapore. Oh well, hopefully I'll get to go back there in a few years' time! Maybe if NP has a few extra thousand to give me an overseas internship in Year 3 or overseas university scholarship AHEM AHEM AHEM (I wish)

Anyway this is not the end of the USA 2011 series because I will be doing some other... reflection posts...ish... stuff. Because this is my blog and you will like the way I do things around here muahahahahaha

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